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Bringing Nature Indoors: The Green Transformation in UAE Apartments

Those with a knack for gardening are delving into the intricacies of cultivating plants at home.

by Soofiya

In the midst of the anxiety and cabin fever brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, our community is combating quarantine blues by focusing on personal hobbies, professional upskilling, and new interests. One notable trend is the rise of home gardening, where residents are transforming balconies, roofs, backyards, and indoor spaces into green havens. This creative pursuit aims to “sow seeds of comfort” at home.

Long-time UAE resident Priscilla Ayub, a management professional, has incorporated home gardening into her work-from-home routine, starting with indoor plants and expanding to outdoor varieties. She emphasizes the therapeutic benefits of tending to plants and watching them grow, providing a motivational break from her daily tasks.

Similarly, first-time gardener Moreen Nazarath, an associate at Radicle, discovered the joy of bringing greenery into her room during the lockdown. Overcoming initial challenges, Moreen developed a strong connection with her plants, even naming them ‘sunshine’ and ‘moonlight,’ highlighting the comfort they bring during these times.

Saveri Philkana, a business student at SP Jain School of Global Management, finds that home gardening has strengthened family bonds and sparked an interest in cooking with fresh ingredients. Growing herbs and vegetables at home has become a convenient and enjoyable activity for her.

To guide and support the growing community of home gardeners, VeggiTech has launched the Grow App, providing step-by-step guidance, nutritional advice, and access to agronomists. Hemant Julka, a co-founder of VeggiTech, encourages embracing failure in gardening and emphasizes the importance of connecting with the origins of our food.

Yazen Al Kodmani, Operations Manager at Emirates Bio Farm (EBF), advises aspiring gardeners to appreciate the day-to-day care for living things, learn from failures, and enjoy the journey of growing their own food. This horticultural hobby can teach valuable life lessons and foster patience and dedication.

As the pandemic presents a golden opportunity to engage in horticultural pursuits, the community is encouraged to find joy in simple things, be present in the moment, and embrace the benefits of connecting with nature. Sustainable home-gardening tips during COVID-19 include choosing a shaded planting location, keeping the grow media moist, transplanting seedlings at the right stage, growing plants that can be used as food, and appreciating the learning experience that comes with nature’s patient teaching.

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