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Dubai Police Enhance Resident Safety with Robot Patrols and Advanced Bodycam Technology

The emphasis on developing autonomous vehicles aligns with the UAE government’s objective to establish the country as a premier testing hub.

by Jamsheera
Robot patrol in Dubai Police

Dubai Police are utilizing cutting-edge technology to patrol the streets and transcribe bodycam footage and interrogation videos. They are collaborating with private companies, both locally and internationally, to enhance their policing efforts.

“Policing is not only about catching criminals – it’s about being open and inviting others in the private sector to work alongside law enforcement officials,” said Aisha Harib, a National Experts Program (NEP) Fellow and Head of the Knowledge, Innovation and Development Centre at Dubai Police, in an interview with Khaleej Times.

Dubai Police is partnering with Micropolis, a startup affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that specializes in electro-car robotics. This collaboration has enabled police patrols to become a fully autonomous process, operating without human intervention.

No Human Involvement

According to Harib, the goal of this partnership is to develop futuristic patrols that work without any human involvement. The robots will drive like patrols and think like officers. As a result, Dubai Police are able to scan and keep an eye on communities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The focus on developing autonomous vehicles aligns with the UAE government’s mission to position the country as a testing hub for emerging technologies.

“At this rate, the UAE is set to become the third country in the world – and the first in the Middle East, according to CNN – to host autonomous technology,” said Harib.

Harib emphasized that Dubai Police’s mission extends beyond traditional policing duties.

Additionally, JusticeText, a startup founded by two University of Chicago students, developed AI technology that automatically transcribes bodycam footage and interrogation videos. This tool allows prosecutors to review vast amounts of data efficiently, expediting case processing and enabling law enforcement to quickly identify evidence.

“This kind of solution can offer an edge to the UAE’s law enforcement, empowering prosecutors to review petabytes of data, file cases faster, and translate what is captured on a bodycam,” Harib noted.

Reducing Wait Times

In her role, Harib oversees a dedicated team focused on introducing technologies to enhance public safety in Dubai.

She explained, “Dubai Police is offering an opportunity to academics and tech-enabled private sector entities to propose innovative solutions.”

Dubai Police has also implemented technology and AI in their applications prior to this collaboration with the private sector.

“AI-driven policing improves community happiness and safety. The Dubai Police application, which uses AI and blockchain technology to automate its services, has already reduced wait times and dramatically increased productivity,” she said.

These technology efforts aim to change the global mindset around the policing sector, inspiring agencies in other countries to adopt similar innovations.

“Our role is to ensure that all communities feel safe, and it comes down to how we use technology to respond to emerging incidents. We don’t want citizens to come to Dubai Police; we want Dubai Police to already be a part of their communities,” she added.

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