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Employers increasingly turn to social media for job applicants’ evaluation

The country boasts Facebook usage surpassing 100% of its population

Employers increasingly turn to social media for job applicants' evaluation

The country boasts Facebook usage surpassing 100% of its population

Employers are now extending their scrutiny beyond personal photos and videos on social media platforms. Increasingly, companies are monitoring the social media accounts of job seekers as part of their evaluation process to gain insights into individuals’ traits.

A prominent example is the Dubai-based Aries Group of Companies, a major conglomerate with operations in 25 countries and over 2,200 employees. The group emphasizes the importance of considering employees as family members and focuses on shaping their personalities accordingly. To ensure the best fit, Aries Group meticulously filters potential candidates, assessing not just their academic achievements but also their character. This process involves checking the social media profiles of prospective employees. Furthermore, the company prioritizes proper training for all its employees.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) holds the distinction of being known as the “social media capital of the world,” according to Proxyrack, a provider of proxies and residential VPN services. Moreover, the UAE boasts the highest percentage of Facebook users, surpassing even its total population.

Lauren Swan, a recruitment consultant specializing in the banking and financial services sector at Cooper Fitch, emphasizes the importance of maintaining a professional online presence, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn. In some cases, companies may request access to relevant social media profiles as part of security checks during the hiring process. Apart from LinkedIn, employers may also inquire about employees’ Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook accounts.

Swan advises individuals to be mindful of their social media presence, as companies do consider it during the hiring process. Social media platforms can offer insights into an individual’s personal life, helping employers get to know candidates on a more personal level. However, Swan notes that not all companies in the UAE scrutinize or check social media profiles extensively during recruitment. Ultimately, the selection process revolves around a person’s professional background, skills, and performance during the interview.

In summary, the increasing use of social media has prompted employers to evaluate job applicants beyond their formal qualifications. The Aries Group of Companies exemplifies this trend, emphasizing character assessment and social media checks. While maintaining professionalism on social media platforms is important, the extent of scrutiny varies among employers in the UAE. Ultimately, a candidate’s professional background, skills, and performance remain the primary factors in the hiring process.

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