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New digital platform to tackle real estate scams, fake agents

by The Gulf Talk
New digital platform to tackle real estate scams

The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) has launched a first-of-its-kind platform to ensure transparency in the real estate sector of Abu Dhabi, a top official said.

With the ‘DARI’ digital property services system, community members can be safeguarded against any real estate scams, fake agents, online listings of non-existing projects and offers. The website or DARI app will feature all the DMT-approved official projects, leasing, buying or selling of properties.

“Any developer with a real estate project in Abu Dhabi, who wants to sell will be available on this platform. A resident wanting to buy a flat can visit the platform and find all the officially approved projects by the municipality. You can check the progress made on the projects and when they will get completed. It’s all official and DMT-acknowledged information. So, there will be no need for a third party to get any information on a project,” Dr Adeeb Al Afeefi, executive director of the real estate sector at DMT, told.

“Our main objective is to have higher transparency in Abu Dhabi’s real estate sector.”

The DMT has developed DARI in collaboration with the Advanced Real Estate Services Company (ADRES). Moath Maqbol, general manager, ADRES, which specialises in property technology (PropTech) and real estate solutions, said the new platform will enhance the quality of services and life of individuals in Abu Dhabi.

“ADRES leverages the expertise in real estate to support Abu Dhabi’s vision to create more transparency, efficient and new services. So, no more fake agents in Abu Dhabi unless they are listed on this platform. Once you log into the platform, go to the broker’s section and find all the registered names,” Maqbol said.

The platform will allow investors, including those abroad, to explore future opportunities in the real estate market in Abu Dhabi.

Soon through the DARI platform, a contract for tenancy, sale and purchase of a property can be done instantly through digital signatures between the involved parties without the need for any paperwork.

“If a person is renting a flat or accommodation from a company or a house owner, it can be done through this platform. There is no need for paperwork. It’s all electronically signed by the tenant and the house owner. It’s all live and on the spot. If both parties approve, it will be then a contract. The idea is to make the process of interacting with any real estate services in the emirate of Abu Dhabi fully electronic, time-efficient and simple,” said Dr Al Afeefi.

Additionally, individuals can log in to the platform using their UAE Pass or Emirates ID for a more personalised experience.

“A user by logging in through the ID can see all their transactions related to the real estate sector. If a person has property as land or renting a house or a deed, all these transactions will be there on that platform.”

The DARI platform will soon display the market trends with a dashboard showing transactions of purchase and sale of plots in Abu Dhabi.

“This will be live in a couple of months. You can then make the best decision with regards to the plot that suits a person,” Dr Al Afeefi underlined.

He added that the concept is to bring the whole ecosystem of real estate – all the programmes and services under one platform.

“The more the system becomes transparent the more they will be encouraged to invest. So, there will be increased trading in real estate with DARI’s simple and fast services. I encourage everyone to download the app or visit the website,” Dr Al Afeefi added.

The platform has gone live and is expected to begin all operations and offer services within the next quarter of this year.

News Source: MSN.COM

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