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Saudi Arabia bans mobile phones in schools

by The Gulf Talk
Saudi Arabia bans mobile phones in schools

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has banned students from using mobile phones in schools, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported Tuesday.

The ministry directed school administration to follow up the daily updates of students health status on the “Tawakkalna Web”, while new students in the school or a recovering person must submit a printed copy of the health status on the “Tawakkalna” system, or send a copy of it to the mobile phone of the school administration.

The school administration has the exception to allow bringing mobile phones out of necessity according to its evaluation, including the case of students whose health conditions require the need to bring the mobile to the school, provided that it’s kept with the administration, the ministry said.

The ministry emphasized completely refraining from filming in schools and educational facilities, as it is a violation. It called on everyone to abide by the instructions and controls issued by the Public Prosecution through its official website, under the rules, regulations and instructions.

It’s noteworthy that the ministry has allowed the use of mobile phones in schools for students at the beginning of the academic year to show their health status through Tawakkalna app before entering the school.

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