Home Travel Surge in UAE-India Travel: Domestic Flight Prices Skyrocket by Over 50%

Surge in UAE-India Travel: Domestic Flight Prices Skyrocket by Over 50%

Rising Fuel Costs and Grounded GoFirst Flights Contribute to Surge in Airfares, Say Experts

Surge in UAE-India Travel: Domestic Flight Prices Skyrocket by Over 50%
Higher Airfares for Domestic Flights in India Leave UAE Residents Disappointed

UAE residents looking to travel domestically within India are facing a significant increase in airfare prices. According to industry experts, airfares for domestic flights within India have risen by nearly 50 percent between certain cities. Subair Thekepurathvalappil, senior manager for inbound and outbound operations at Regal Tours Worldwide, confirmed the surge in airfares, while Bharath Aidasani, managing partner at Pluto Travels, acknowledged that residents would have to pay extra due to the steep increase.

The spike in airfares can be attributed to several factors. One reason is the high number of people from GCC countries traveling to India for summer vacations or to visit relatives and explore tourist destinations in different cities. This surge in demand puts pressure on the limited number of available seats, leading to increased prices. Additionally, experts pointed out that rising fuel costs and the grounding of GoFirst airlines have contributed to the surge in airfares. GoFirst was known for its competitive prices on domestic flights within India, and its absence in the market has affected overall pricing.

The sudden increase in airfares has left many travelers concerned and disappointed, especially those who had been eagerly planning their trips across various destinations in India. Aman Asnani, a media production executive, shared his experience of the doubled airfare costs for his planned trips to Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, and Gurgaon. UAE residents, who frequently visit India during the summer months, are particularly affected by these inflated prices. Their plans to explore India’s rich cultural heritage, tourist attractions, and reconnect with friends and family have been impacted.

Sajjad Ahmed, a realtor from JLT, had already made plans to explore attractions in North Eastern states like Sikkim, Manipur, and West Bengal with friends. However, due to the skyrocketing airfares, he is now reconsidering his options and contemplating alternative means of transportation, such as trains, to minimize expenses.

In light of the situation, experts are advising residents planning summer trips to India to stay updated on airline fares, carefully explore all available options, and seek assistance in finding the best deals. Careful planning, flexibility, and considering alternative travel arrangements will be crucial in minimizing the financial impact and ensuring an enjoyable and affordable travel experience, according to Subair.

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