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UAE: 2 apps, e-Emirates ID help you get easy access to government services


UAE residents are advised to download the UAEICP app and the UAE PASS for ‘easy access’ to services, particularly if they have worked at different government departments, are looking to travel, or require a digital signature.

UAE PASS is the first secure national digital identity for citizens and residents, which enables them to access many online services across various sectors, sign and authenticate documents as well as transactions digitally, request a digital version of their official documents, and use the official documents to request for other services.

Earlier, the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) called on all individuals to download the UAEICP application and benefit from the varied services offered, including requesting a visit visa for a relative or friend.

Sowmya Kumar, CEO of Clever Corp Business Advisors, says, “ICP is not mandatory. It aids individuals in having his/her visa page and EID handy instead of carrying a hard copy or having a soft copy on their mobile. The UAE Pass is not mandatory, but we tell our clients to have it because everything is getting digital now; it eases things.”

Explaining the process, Kumar adds, “For example, if somebody has worked with Dubai Police, next day with Dubai Municipality and on the third day if there is work with some other department… at every authority you don’t need to create a new login or account. Everything can be accessed through the UAE Pass. Suppose you are travelling outside the country, and if one has a verified UAE pass, then that person can even do digital signatures of documents. Assuming a person has to be present for court signing but has to travel, then what is the solution? With the UAE Pass, if verified and approved, one can even do a digital signature (without being physically present).”

A major update to the visa system was when the ICP said that the Emirates ID would replace the visa sticker on residents’ passports.

The UAE PASS extracts details from the Emirates ID to reveal information like the EID number, its issue date, expiry date, and about your employer. A typing centre agent in Dubai said, “UAEICP portal helps in applying for the visa, or if you want to check validity or check your fines, then you can go to the ICP app. You can get a (soft) copy of your EID and view your residency approval there. There are many services given on the ICP portal. The UAE Pass is the secure digital identity in the UAE of an individual. But none of these is mandatory; it’s meant for people’s convenience.”


UAE PASS automates and simplifies managing digital identity in mobile devices for users and can be used to:

Prove who you are from your phone – authentication

Digitally Sign documents

Digitally Verify signed documents

Request for your official documents and avail services through sharing the digital documents


This application allows locals, residents, and visitors of the United Arab Emirates to benefit from the services of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security like visas, residencies, payment of fines, printing the family book, renewal of passport for the citizens and many other services.

Summary of the services:

1.Apply for a residence entry permit for your family members.

2.Apply for a new residence for your family members.

3.Renew residence permits for your family members

4.Apply for cancelling residency for anyone sponsored under your sponsorship.

5.Apply for a visit visa for your relatives. You can generate the travel status report and the list of people you sponsor.

6.Check your residence and entry permit status.

7.Request a new or renew UAE passport.

8.Print the family book for locals.

9.Extend your on-arrival visa.

10.Pay fines for visas and residencies.

News source: Khaleej Times

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