Home Life Style Youngest Author in the World Sets New Record Before Turning 5 in the UAE

Youngest Author in the World Sets New Record Before Turning 5 in the UAE

Emirati Child, Saeed AlMheiri, Becomes Youngest Author to Publish a Book Series

Youngest Author in the World Sets New Record Before Turning 5 in the UAE
Emirati Boy Achieves Two World Records as Youngest Author Before Turning Five

In an extraordinary accomplishment, a young Emirati boy has set not one, but two world records, all before reaching the age of five.

At just 4 years and 218 days old, Saeed Rashed AlMheiri made headlines in March 2023 as the youngest person to publish a book. However, Saeed’s journey didn’t stop there. A mere 20 days later, he defied expectations once again by writing a sequel to his debut book. This remarkable achievement earned him another world record, this time as the youngest person to publish a book series (male), at the age of 4 years and 238 days.

During a conversation with Saeed’s mother, it was revealed that his older sister, Al Dhabi, had initially sparked the family’s passion for reading at a very young age. Al Dhabi displayed a remarkable ability to identify letters and construct words when she was just three years old, and she would always have a book in her hand wherever she went.

One heartwarming incident shared by their mother involved a moment when Al Dhabi, at around six years old, expressed sadness after visiting relatives. She revealed to her mother that everyone else had iPads while she was the only one carrying a book. Curious about her daughter’s perspective, Al Dhabi’s mother asked her, “What do you think we should do?” hoping to encourage her to come up with a solution herself.

Al Dhabi took matters into her own hands and decided to share her treasure trove of books with other children. With a home library boasting over 1,200 books, her plan succeeded, igniting a love for reading in children beyond their immediate family.

Inspired by Al Dhabi’s dedication, ambition, and the positive impact she had on children worldwide, she went on to achieve remarkable milestones in inspiring children through Rainbow Chimney Educational Aids. Al Dhabi, at the age of seven, registered her name in the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest publisher in both Arabic and English after selling 1,000 copies of her book titled “I Had an Idea.” She further launched the initiative “Books from Children to Children,” adopting her friends’ talents to publish their own stories and writings.

Saeed, being the younger sibling, was deeply influenced by his sister’s love for books and writing. At the tender age of four, he expressed his desire to write a book of his own, just like Al Dhabi. Both his mother and Al Dhabi wholeheartedly supported his ambition.

With Al Dhabi’s guidance and assistance, Saeed embarked on the journey of publishing his own book. From conceptualization to publication, Saeed received support from his sister without any external help for writing or illustrations.

Saeed’s first book, titled “The Elephant Saeed and the Bear,” tells the heartwarming story of an elephant and a polar bear who choose friendship over the bear’s instinct to prey on the elephant.

After witnessing his sister’s success in publishing her own writings, Saeed expressed his desire to write another book. Thus, he wrote a sequel to his first book, earning him the distinction of being the youngest person to publish a book series.

The second book in Saeed’s series, titled “My True Friend,” continues the story of the elephant bidding farewell to his polar bear friend as he heads home. However, when the elephant finds himself in trouble in the water, he calls for help, and the bear comes to the rescue.

Saeed’s mother emphasized that their family’s aspirations no longer revolve solely around personal achievements. She stated, “My goal is to educate this generation and to tell all parents that their children can do it too. My children

 are not different; they are like any normal child who needs the right environment to thrive.”

She further revealed that they are working on upcoming surprises, including new books and initiatives that will benefit all children. The family’s mission is to inspire and empower young minds, demonstrating that age is no barrier to achieving remarkable accomplishments.

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