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Gitex Global: Surge in UAE’s Quantum Computing Demand, According to IQM CEO


The Finland-based company is poised to foster a quantum computing ecosystem in the UAE. IQM, headquartered in Finland, specializes in building quantum computers for research laboratories and businesses. As the demand for quantum computing continues to rise in the Emirates, IQM envisions substantial growth opportunities in the region.

Dr. Jan Goetz, a quantum physicist and co-founding CEO of IQM, highlighted their intention to collaborate with local universities and institutions to establish a thriving quantum ecosystem within the country. Quantum computing, a transformative technology, offers solutions to exceptionally intricate problems that conventional computers cannot tackle. IQM designs and produces quantum computers for universities, research institutions, and both public and private enterprises, enabling them to advance their research and projects.

With approximately 300 employees and offices in Munich, Madrid, Paris, Singapore, and soon in the United States, IQM provides comprehensive hardware and software solutions. Dr. Goetz emphasized the UAE’s attractiveness as a market, given its commitment to growth, focus on digitalization, and embrace of new technologies. The region’s emphasis on talent and education aligns well with IQM’s strengths, offering a promising synergy for the company.

Dr. Goetz expressed his views during Gitex Global, the world’s largest technology exhibition held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, featuring over 6,000 companies and startups showcasing their cutting-edge technologies.

IQM is actively collaborating with the Abu Dhabi-based Technology Innovation Institute (TII) to support their quantum computing initiatives. Dr. Goetz reiterated IQM’s commitment to engaging with local universities and institutions to provide quantum computing solutions and to contribute to the development of an ecosystem, talent pool, and deployment strategy for quantum computing across the UAE.

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