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Dar Al Arkan’s Global Expansion: Venturing into the US Property Market

The publicly traded firm is contemplating fresh ventures in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom.

by Soofiya

In a bold move signaling its ambition for global expansion, Dar Al Arkan, one of the leading real estate developers in Saudi Arabia, has set its sights on acquiring properties in the United States. This strategic maneuver marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards becoming a major player on the international stage.

Entering the American Market

Dar Al Arkan’s decision to venture into the US property market comes at a time when global economic dynamics are undergoing rapid transformation. The United States, with its stable economy and thriving real estate sector, presents an enticing opportunity for the company to diversify its investment portfolio and capitalize on new avenues for growth.

Strategic Objectives

The expansion into the US aligns with Dar Al Arkan’s broader strategic objectives, which are centered around establishing a strong global presence and maximizing shareholder value. By entering the American market, the company aims to:

  1. Diversify Risk: Investing in the US property market allows Dar Al Arkan to diversify its risk exposure across different geographical regions, thereby mitigating potential downturns in any single market.
  2. Tap into Growth Opportunities: The US real estate market offers immense growth potential, driven by factors such as population growth, urbanization, and evolving consumer preferences. By acquiring properties in key US cities, Dar Al Arkan can capitalize on these opportunities and generate attractive returns for its stakeholders.
  3. Enhance Brand Visibility: Establishing a presence in the US enhances Dar Al Arkan’s brand visibility and credibility on the global stage. It reinforces the company’s reputation as a forward-thinking and internationally-focused real estate developer, capable of competing in diverse markets.
  4. Access to Capital: Expansion into the US provides Dar Al Arkan with access to a broader pool of capital, including institutional investors and financing options available in the American financial markets. This enables the company to fund future growth initiatives and undertake larger-scale projects.

Focus on Sustainable Development

As Dar Al Arkan embarks on its journey into the US property market, it remains committed to its core values of sustainability and responsible development. The company seeks to integrate environmentally-friendly practices into its projects, contributing to the creation of vibrant and resilient communities that prioritize sustainability and quality of life.

In a strategic move reflective of the growing trend among Middle Eastern investors to seize opportunities in the US real estate market, Dar Global, the international arm of Saudi Arabia’s prominent developer Dar Al Arkan, announces plans to acquire properties in the United States alongside ventures in other countries.

The company, which recently partnered with the Trump Organization for a residential project in Muscat, is already active across six countries including the UAE, Oman, Qatar, the UK, Spain, and Bosnia. With ongoing projects valued at $5.9 billion, Dar Global aims to broaden its horizons by tapping into fresh markets as part of its overarching growth strategy.

CEO Ziad El Chaar revealed to The National in an interview that the company eyes investment opportunities in Miami and New York. El Chaar emphasized Miami’s evolving market dynamics, which now attract investors globally, beyond its traditional Latin American demographic. Similarly, Dar Global is exploring collaboration with developers to acquire projects in New York, focusing on revitalizing previously launched but unfinished endeavors.

While specific project details remain undisclosed, the company aims to leverage its expertise to reactivate dormant projects and participate in new ventures. This initiative aligns with the increasing interest of Middle Eastern investors in US real estate, exemplified by Bahrain-based Investcorp’s recent formation of a $526 million fund with sovereign wealth funds to target industrial real estate in the US.

Moreover, Dar Global’s expansion plans extend beyond the US. In London, the company aims to initiate projects through partnerships with developers or acquire ready-for-sale projects. Additionally, it is actively bidding for a new land plot in Riyadh to develop a 400-villa project, reflecting the growing global interest in Saudi Arabian real estate, particularly bolstered by the kingdom’s new residency program aimed at attracting skilled professionals and investors.

Dar Global’s robust financial position, with a year-end cash reserve of $220 million and the backing of its parent company, positions it favorably to finance new projects. The company, established in 2017 to manage Dar Al Arkan’s international assets, focuses on premium property development, with a track record of successful ventures such as luxury second homes and holiday residences.

With a profitable performance evidenced by $83.2 million in profit for 2023 and significant revenue growth driven by global project sales, Dar Global is poised for further expansion. Its forthcoming project in Dubai, amidst heightened demand, marks another milestone in its journey, adding to a portfolio already valued at $1.03 billion.

The collaboration with the Trump Organization for the Muscat project underscores Dar Global’s commitment to high-profile partnerships and ambitious developments. CEO El Chaar expresses optimism regarding the GCC real estate market, citing governmental initiatives aimed at attracting international investors and vacationers, which are expected to sustain market growth across various cities including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Muscat.

As the UAE implements initiatives such as residency permits for retirees and remote workers, alongside the expansion of its golden visa program, the property market continues its upward trajectory. Dubai registered record-breaking property transactions in 2023, signaling resilience and promising prospects for the real estate sector across the region.

Dar Al Arkan’s foray into the US property market signifies a significant milestone in its quest for global expansion and market leadership. By leveraging its expertise, financial strength, and strategic vision, the company is poised to carve a niche for itself in one of the world’s most dynamic real estate markets. As it embarks on this exciting journey, Dar Al Arkan remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering value to its stakeholders while contributing to the sustainable development of the communities it serves.

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