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Saudi Arabia has unveiled plans for a new luxury train service named ‘Dream of the Desert.’

The initial journeys are set to commence from Riyadh's North Train Station, travel through Hail, and culminate at the Al Qurayyat train station.

by Jamsheera
Saudi announces train services Dream of the desert to middleeast

On Saturday, January 27, Saudi Arabia revealed its intention to introduce the ‘Dream of the Desert’ train service. Marking a groundbreaking initiative in the Middle East and North Africa, the 40-cabin luxury train aims to enhance the Kingdom’s transportation offerings with additional high-quality services and choices, according to reports from SPA.

The Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) has collaborated with the Italian Arsenale Group, renowned for orchestrating opulent train journeys, to inaugurate the ‘Dream of the Desert’ service.

The ‘Dream of the Desert’ luxury train, featuring 40 cabins, is scheduled to open for bookings by the end of 2024, with actual operations commencing in the fourth quarter of 2025. The inaugural journeys will originate from the North Train Station in Riyadh, traverse through Hail, and conclude at the Al Qurayyat train station.

Saudi Minister of Transport and Logistic Services and Chairman of the Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR), Engineer Saleh bin Nasser Al Jasser, highlighted the significance of this initiative during the signing ceremony held in Riyadh, stating that it aligns with the National Strategy for Transport and Logistics and contributes to enhancing the quality of life while supporting key national strategies.

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