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Innovative iPaaS Solution Tackles the Escalating Connectivity Complexity


“Software AG Chooses Gitex Global to Launch Groundbreaking ‘Super iPaaS’ – Pioneering Enterprise Integration for the Digital Age”

On Thursday, Software AG unveiled ‘Super iPaaS,’ a groundbreaking integration platform as a service category designed to meet the evolving demands of modern enterprises. This innovative solution from the German company is aimed at managing the increasingly complex connectivity challenges stemming from the rapid digital expansion—a formidable obstacle faced by today’s businesses.

The ‘Super iPaaS’ promises to address the connectivity chaos that current integration tools struggle to handle due to their limited focus on only a few essential capabilities, leaving them ill-equipped for the complexities of hybrid multi-cloud environments. Sanjay Brahmawar, CEO of Software AG, emphasized the need for innovation and data-driven insights in today’s business landscape, highlighting the hurdles that even the world’s largest organizations face when attempting to extract true value from their data using outdated tools.

Brahmawar added, ‘We’re introducing an enterprise integration solution that is unparalleled. It offers the freedom to integrate anything, anywhere, and anyhow. In today’s business environment, this level of flexibility is sorely needed but often lacking. With ‘Super iPaaS,’ we aim to change that dynamic.’ This visionary approach aims to empower businesses with the agility they need in a rapidly evolving digital world.”

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