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Dubai-Based AI Startup, Pioneering Live Translation for Djokovic at Australian Open, Sets Sights on Global Expansion

Camb.ai anticipates that the emirate will emerge as the premier destination for dubbing worldwide.

by Soofiya

Camb.ai, the Dubai-based startup specializing in live translation and dubbing, envisions Dubai as the future “dubbing capital” of the world, leveraging the potential of generative artificial intelligence and the anticipated surge in demand for such technology, according to its co-founder and CEO.

Following its notable live translation service for the press conference of men’s tennis world No 1 Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open last month, Camb.ai aims to extend its reach beyond the UAE and into global markets, as revealed by Avneesh Prakash in an interview with The National.

“We have a clear global expansion strategy… We aim to expand our presence in the UAE and the Middle East, as well as penetrate markets in the US and other regions,” stated Mr. Prakash.

On Tuesday, Camb.ai announced the closure of a $4 million seed funding round, led by Courtside Ventures based in New York, alongside investors such as TRTL Ventures, Blue Star Innovation Partners, Ikemori Ventures, and Eisaburo Maeda.

Camb.ai, previously supported by the Dubai Future District Fund and part of the Dubai Future Accelerator cohort last year, is also among the companies enlisted in the Future 100 initiative launched in December 2022.

“The overwhelming market response is driving us to accelerate our technological advancements and global expansion… A portion of the funding will be directed towards these goals,” mentioned Mr. Prakash.

Apart from its collaboration with Tennis Australia, Camb.ai has secured significant partnerships, including its role as the exclusive live translation partner for Major League Soccer in the US. It also counts Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, celebrity chef Nick DiGiovanni, Dubai-based social media personality Narins Beauty, and other celebrities among its partners.

Notably, Camb.ai made history by providing AI dubbing services for the horror film “Three,” directed by Emirati director Nayla Al Khaja, making it the world’s first fully AI-dubbed multilingual feature film.

With a growing portfolio, Camb.ai aims to forge more partnerships in local, regional, and international markets, although Mr. Prakash refrained from disclosing specific organizations due to confidentiality agreements. Additionally, the company is exploring collaborations with educational institutions.

Furthermore, Camb.ai sees potential in providing its technology to news outlets to facilitate information dissemination without language barriers.

“The rise of generative AI has unlocked numerous opportunities… AI-backed live translation and dubbing are expected to witness increasing demand, presenting significant growth prospects for businesses and technology providers,” Mr. Prakash emphasized.

Currently supporting over 120 languages, including various dialects, Camb.ai plans to expand its language capabilities while refining its AI models, noted Akshat Prakash, co-founder, and CTO of Camb.ai.

“In essence, the effectiveness of our technology boils down to the quality of core translation and the naturalness of speech,” added Mr. Prakash.

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