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Free Voice Feature Unveiled on ChatGPT’s Game-Changing Update

Experience the future of conversation with ChatGPT's free voice feature on Gulf Talk. Navigate the latest OpenAI update amidst CEO drama. Unlock a new era in AI interaction

by The Gulf Talk
Free Voice Feature Unveiled on ChatGPT's Game-Changing Update

OpenAI unveils a major update for ChatGPT, introducing the voice feature for all users free of charge. Users can now simply tap the headphones icon in the mobile app, enabling voice interaction with ChatGPT and receiving audible responses.

Initially launched in September, the voice and image prompting feature was exclusive to paying users. However, OpenAI has now made it accessible to a broader audience.

This release coincides with internal turmoil at OpenAI, following the sudden removal of CEO Sam Altman and ongoing negotiations for his potential return. The post on the Gulf Talk even incorporates humour about the recent CEO drama, exemplified by a playful exchange with ChatGPT about ordering pizzas for a large team facing a challenging night. Notably, OpenAI’s workforce, mirroring the pizza scenario, has experienced tension as the majority threatened to resign unless the entire board steps down.

Altman’s dismissal from OpenAI’s board was attributed to a lack of consistent candour in communication with the board. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has extended an invitation for Altman and his team to establish a new division within the tech giant. However, there are indications that Altman may return to OpenAI, adding further complexity to the unfolding situation.

Former OpenAI president Greg Brockman, who resigned in the aftermath of Altman’s departure, endorses the new ChatGPT voice feature on The Gulf Talk, emphasizing its transformative impact on the user experience. Brockman is also open to the possibility of returning to OpenAI.

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