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Embarking on the Journey: WonderTree’s Vision to Revolutionize Special Education as the Premier Resource

The EduTech start-up, headquartered in Pakistan, is strategizing to broaden its presence in the UAE while venturing into the US market for the inaugural time.

by Soofiya

The co-founders of EduTech start-up WonderTree have embarked on a noble mission: to support children with diverse disabilities in their learning and development journey through engaging augmented reality and virtual reality games online.

Their aim is to leverage children’s natural enthusiasm for gaming to facilitate interactive learning experiences, nurturing their social, emotional, cognitive, and motor skills in the process.

Teaming up with occupational therapists, special education teachers, and parents, the WonderTree team has crafted a collection of games tailored to children with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADHD, and learning difficulties.

“We aspire to become the Google of special education and development. Our ultimate goal is to make specialized education accessible, affordable, and impactful for every child with determination globally,” remarks co-founder and CEO, Muhammad Waqas.

According to Sam John, a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne, video games hold therapeutic potential for children with cerebral palsy, particularly those incorporating motion sensors or virtual reality elements, which can complement physical therapy and enhance cognitive skills.

Established in Karachi, Pakistan in April 2016, WonderTree expanded to the UAE in February of the previous year, establishing offices in the Abu Dhabi Global Market and a smaller team in Dubai.

The inception of WonderTree stemmed from co-founder Muhammad Usman’s observation of his older brother, who found joy in playing video games on his Xbox despite being a person with determination. Partnering with neighbor Muhammad Waqas, they launched the start-up with determination and resourcefulness.

“We take traditional physiotherapy, educational, and cognitive exercises used by educators and parents and gamify them using augmented reality to make learning fun, engaging, and interactive for children,” explains Mr. Waqas.

The games are meticulously customized to ensure inclusivity and cater to the diverse needs of children, utilizing artificial intelligence to deliver personalized experiences. Continuous improvement and development are driven by feedback from medical experts and the user community.

WonderTree collaborates with various institutions, including a research partnership with the UAE’s Mubadala Health and certification from Doha-based Mada, aimed at enhancing digital accessibility for people with determination.

The start-up, deriving its name from the wonder of augmented reality engagement and the nurturing aspect of a tree, serves a broad spectrum of customers, from specialized schools to inclusive programs and therapy centers.

Subscription fees vary by market, with inclusive packages in the UAE starting at Dh3,000 per child annually, offering unlimited access to games, technology support, and comprehensive progress reports.

In Pakistan, WonderTree’s products are already making a difference in 45 schools with 2,500 active users. In the UAE, the start-up has garnered 800 users across seven schools and centers within a year of operation, with plans for further expansion.

With aspirations to penetrate markets in Saudi Arabia, North America, India, and Bangladesh, the founders remain grounded in their commitment to making a meaningful impact while ensuring sustainable growth and profitability.

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