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Employment Surge in UAE 2024: Increasing Focus on Diversity in Hiring

Furthermore, it's noteworthy that there has been a notable surge in expatriates entering the country, possibly exceeding past figures.

by Soofiya

Forecasts suggest a minimum 15% uptick in hiring this year, propelled by an optimistic market stance, as indicated by UAE headhunters and HR specialists. They underscore transformative shifts in the recruitment landscape driven by technological progress, socio-economic dynamics, and an escalating commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity in the workforce.

This aligns with UAE authorities’ endeavors to diversify organizational workforces. Notably, a ‘demographic diversity’ mandate was initially introduced but later relaxed due to rejections of employee work permits.

Moreover, a notable influx of expatriates is expected, surpassing previous records, attributed to economic downturns in certain nations, as per expert analysis.

Expanding Talent Pools

This influx is being leveraged by UAE enterprises, providing them with a wider talent reservoir for recruitment. According to Aws Ismail, General Manager at Marc Ellis, the job market experienced a roughly 20% surge in 2023 compared to the preceding year, with a projected increase of 20-25% this year, fueled by thriving sectors like IT, banking, and HR. Technological sectors, particularly AI and cybersecurity, are witnessing heightened activity, fueled by significant government investments in futuristic projects.

Economic Diversification

HR experts highlight the successful diversification of the UAE economy, moving beyond sole reliance on oil revenue, which positively impacts all stakeholders. Additionally, with AI and machine learning integration in hiring processes, employers are utilizing data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

Nadeem Ahmed, Senior HR Officer at Hidayath Group, anticipates heavy recruitment in 2024, particularly in banking and finance, targeting professionals like financial analysts, investment bankers, compliance officers, data scientists, and Fintech experts.

Navigating Employment Challenges

Fatima Tabrez, Regional HR Manager at Athgadlang, acknowledges the UAE’s appeal as a global employment destination but notes discrepancies in salary expectations among nationalities. She suggests bridging this gap by offering supplementary benefits like insurance and family airfare.

Embracing Flexibility

Against a backdrop of a worldwide survey by PageGroup indicating 75% of UAE workers expressing interest in exploring new job opportunities despite current employment, experts stress the imperative for robust employee retention strategies. Tabrez notes a shift in work dynamics post-Covid, with increased acceptance of hybrid structures, remote work, and the option to work from home, extending beyond the IT sector to various industries. Flexibility has emerged as a coveted aspect, with potential employees actively seeking such arrangements in their job searches.

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