Home Middle East Ethiopia alleges Egypt’s ‘colonial mindset’ as negotiations on the Nile dam collapse.

Ethiopia alleges Egypt’s ‘colonial mindset’ as negotiations on the Nile dam collapse.

Talks regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam concluded on Tuesday in Addis Ababa, with no resolution in sight for the ongoing dispute.

by Lafin

Ethiopia has accused Egypt of approaching negotiations over the operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) with a “colonial mindset.” The GERD, built on the Blue Nile, is viewed by downstream neighbors Egypt and Sudan as a threat to their water share. Talks broke down after the fourth round, with Ethiopia claiming Egypt obstructed progress. Egypt, concerned about its water and national security, asserted its right to defend against threats. Ethiopia, viewing the dam as crucial for economic development, refuses a binding agreement, proposing recommendations instead. The GERD issue remains a contentious matter in Egyptian politics.

As negotiations faltered, Egypt’s Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation announced its intent to closely monitor the GERD’s filling and operation. Egypt accuses Ethiopia of seeking endorsement for absolute control over the Blue Nile under the guise of negotiations. Ethiopia rejects this portrayal, emphasizing its efforts to address differences and achieve an amicable agreement with downstream nations. The GERD, completing its fourth filling in September, has become a major concern in Egyptian politics, emphasizing the nation’s dependence on the Nile for freshwater. Despite earlier hints at military intervention, Egypt currently prioritizes diplomacy in addressing the dispute.

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