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The Enigmatic Legacy: Umm Kulthum Biopic – A Harmonious Symphony of Music and Narrative

The Egyptian writer expresses that penning the screenplay for the much-anticipated film was a daunting experience.

by Soofiya

In the realm of art and culture, there are few figures whose influence transcends generations, continents, and genres. Among them stands Umm Kulthum, the legendary Egyptian singer whose voice resonated not only within the Arab world but across the globe. Now, the anticipation swells as news surfaces of an upcoming biopic, promising to capture the essence of this iconic figure.

Ahmed Mourad, the esteemed writer known for his captivating narratives, has recently shed light on this ambitious project. In a statement that has sparked excitement among fans and cinephiles alike, Mourad revealed that the Umm Kulthum biopic will be “50 per cent” music. Such a proclamation not only underscores the profound impact of Umm Kulthum’s musical legacy but also hints at a cinematic experience that will immerse audiences in the enchanting melodies that defined an era.

At its core, the fusion of music and narrative within the biopic genre presents a unique challenge and opportunity. While traditional biographical films often focus predominantly on recounting historical events and personal anecdotes, the incorporation of music as a central element elevates the storytelling to a sublime level. In the case of Umm Kulthum, whose voice possessed an unparalleled ability to evoke emotions and traverse cultural boundaries, the music becomes not merely a backdrop but a character in its own right.

Mourad’s assertion that half of the biopic will be dedicated to music speaks volumes about the pivotal role it will play in capturing the essence of Umm Kulthum’s life and legacy. It suggests a narrative structure that intertwines key moments from her biography with mesmerizing musical performances, allowing viewers to witness the evolution of her artistry amidst the backdrop of historical and social upheaval.

Moreover, the emphasis on music within the biopic holds the promise of a sensory experience that transcends linguistic barriers. Umm Kulthum’s songs, with their emotive power and universal themes, have the capacity to touch hearts regardless of nationality or background. By weaving these timeless melodies into the fabric of the narrative, the biopic has the potential to forge a profound connection with audiences around the world, introducing new generations to the magic of Umm Kulthum’s music.

Renowned screenwriter Ahmed Mourad asserts that the eagerly anticipated Umm Kulthum biopic will introduce the esteemed Egyptian singer to a new audience. Since the announcement of “El Set” (The Lady) in February, as part of the inauguration of the Big Time Investment Fund—a collaboration between the Saudi General Entertainment Authority and the Egyptian Ministry of Culture—details about the film have gradually emerged.

In an interview with The National ahead of his appearance at the International Congress of Arabic Publishing and Creative Industries in Abu Dhabi, Mourad confirms that the film is currently in production in Egypt. However, no release date has been finalized.

Mourad, who has been actively involved in the production, emphasizes his presence on set to refine crucial scenes with actors and directors. He acknowledges the necessity of aligning viewpoints to enhance the quality of the film. Discussions surrounding the film’s release schedule and potential premieres at international festivals are still ongoing.

With three years dedicated to its creation, “El Set” is poised to encompass pivotal moments from Umm Kulthum’s illustrious career. Born Fatima Ibrahim as-Sayed El Beltagi in December 1898, Umm Kulthum led an extraordinary life that defied societal norms and garnered admiration from figures like former Egyptian King Farouk and Pan-Arabist leader Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Mourad acknowledges the daunting responsibility of portraying such a revered figure, expressing a desire to respectfully delve into Umm Kulthum’s persona and reveal previously unexplored facets of her life.

Integral to the film’s narrative will be Umm Kulthum’s timeless music, with classics like “Alf Leila wa Leila” and “Enta Omri” set to feature prominently. Mourad indicates that music will occupy a significant portion of the film’s runtime, reflecting the profound impact of Umm Kulthum’s music on the Arab world and beyond.

Given Mourad’s literary prowess and cinematic flair demonstrated in works like “Vertigo” and “The Blue Elephant,” his involvement in the Umm Kulthum biopic bodes well for its success. Despite primarily identifying as an author, Mourad has seamlessly transitioned into screenwriting, contributing to both adaptations of his novels and standalone films.

Mourad’s writing journey, chronicled in his book “Al Qatil Lil Mubtadi-een” (Murder for Beginners), offers insights into his creative process and serves as a guide for aspiring Arabic mystery and thriller writers. Drawing inspiration from his own experiences and Arab literary traditions, Mourad seeks to fill a void in the Arabic market by providing practical advice tailored to the region’s context.

Ultimately, Mourad emphasizes that excellence in writing, whether for books or screenplays, requires dedication and perseverance—a sentiment that transcends cultural boundaries and resonates with creators worldwide.

Of course, the success of such a venture hinges not only on the incorporation of music but also on the skillful execution of storytelling. As a writer celebrated for his ability to craft intricate narratives that captivate audiences, Ahmed Mourad brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the project. His involvement suggests a commitment to honoring Umm Kulthum’s legacy with the depth and nuance it deserves, ensuring that the biopic transcends mere homage to emerge as a timeless masterpiece in its own right.

In the annals of cinematic history, certain films stand as tributes to the enduring power of music to transcend time and space. With the announcement of the Umm Kulthum biopic, poised to be “50 per cent” music, Ahmed Mourad and his collaborators embark on a journey to celebrate not only the life of a cultural icon but also the universal language of music itself. As audiences eagerly await the unveiling of this cinematic opus, one thing is certain: the melodies of Umm Kulthum will echo through the ages, inspiring and enchanting generations yet to come.

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