Home Travel From exploring historical landmarks to delving into ancient archaeological wonders, here are top destinations for those with a passion for time-traveling experiences.

From exploring historical landmarks to delving into ancient archaeological wonders, here are top destinations for those with a passion for time-traveling experiences.

From immersive historical getaways to archaeological wonders, discover top destinations for those with a penchant for time-travel experiences.

by Soofiya

Indulge in a culinary journey reminiscent of prehistoric times, trace the fateful path of Rome’s ill-fated three legions, and explore ancient caves and medieval castles on this immersive adventure.

If your ideal vacation involves exploration rather than relaxation, numerous travel options cater to those seeking a journey through time.

Immersive itineraries focused on history enable travelers to explore ancient sites, ruins, and archaeological excavations, guided by experts who provide insights into the lives and civilizations of bygone eras.

From ancient standing stones along Scotland’s coastline dating back to the 19th century BC to a fifth-century castle once inhabited by the legendary “Dragon of Albania,” here are eight historical holidays deserving of your attention.
Embark on the 10-day Human History expedition by National Geographic, where three archaeologists guide enthusiasts through the cradle of civilization in southwest France and along Spain’s northern coast. This adventure spans 40,000 years, allowing travelers to witness cave carvings and paintings from the Dordogne to the Basque Country, including a visit to France’s renowned Lascaux Caves recreation. Highlights include a guided tour of Atapuerca, a lecture by a leading Paleolithic art expert, and a chance to savor a “prehistoric” meal. The itinerary also features stays in well-located, high-end medieval town hotels, with prices starting from $8,795.

For those intrigued by Albania’s archaeological secrets, the 11-day Highlights of Albania by Responsible Travel unveils Byzantine and Roman histories. Starting in Tirana, the journey explores the capital’s diverse architecture before delving into ancient civilizations, with Kruje’s medieval citadel, home to the “Dragon of Albania,” as a notable highlight. Priced from Dh5,471, this trip includes accommodation based on double occupancy.

Exodus Travels offers a 10-day Highlights of Ancient Greece tour, taking history enthusiasts on a guided exploration of lesser-known sites and famous landmarks. Beginning in Athens, the itinerary includes visits to the Acropolis, Mycenae, Corinth, Epidaurus, and an overnight stay in Sparta. Priced from $2,235, the trip covers breakfasts, shared accommodation, and domestic transportation.

Discover the ancient stones of the Outer Hebrides on Brightwater Holidays’ five-day journey. The Ancient Stones of the Outer Hebrides tour, guided by a local specialist, explores Neolithic, Bronze Age, and Iron Age remains, including the Calanais Standing Stones dating back over 1800 BC. With prices starting from £1,163.75, the package covers accommodation, meals, and coach travel.

Uncover the Viking past of Denmark and Sweden in an eight-day Archaeology of Denmark and Sweden tour by Brightwater Holidays. Led by environmental archaeologist Clive Warsop, the itinerary includes Gamla Uppsala, Skokloster Castle, Ales Stenar, the Viking Castle at Fyrkat, and Silkeborg’s well-preserved remains. Prices start from £2,795, covering accommodation, meals, train and coach travel.

Roman history enthusiasts can join The Lost Legions: The Road to the Teutoburg Forest, a six-day tour by The Cultural Experience. Guided by senior archaeologist Tony Wilmott, the journey retraces the ill-fated Roman journey through the Netherlands and northern Germany, culminating at the Teutoburg Forest battle site. Priced from £2,115, it includes breakfasts, dinners, and attraction entrance fees.

Embark on a nine-day Jordan: Crusaders, Raiders and Traders tour with respected archaeologist Konstantine Politis through Cox and Kings. Exploring from Amman to Petra, the itinerary covers historical sites, including the Umayyad Palace, the Roman fort at Azraq Oasis, and biblical sites in Jerash. Prices start from £3,395, inclusive of flights, transfers, accommodation, meals, and entrance fees.

Hidden History’s 12-day Bulgaria: Old Europe tour invites travelers to explore the Balkans’ cultural centers and unspoiled landscapes. Guides lead visits to archaeological gems such as the Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak, Varna Gold Treasure, Stara Zagora, Karanovo Tell, and the eighth-century Madara Rider. Prices for this immersive experience are available through Hidden History.

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