Home Business Galadari Automobiles earns Mazda award for two consecutive years

Galadari Automobiles earns Mazda award for two consecutive years

Credit for award goes to hardworking GAL teams, says Mohammed Galadari


Galadari Automobiles Co. (GAL) has won the ‘Volume Increase Award’ for the second consecutive year for demonstrating remarkable growth. GAL was honoured with the award during the recent Mazda Distributor Commendation Programme 2022. The award is testament to the company’s outstanding performance during what has been a challenging period for the automobile sector. It also reflects the strong partnership between the two entities, which has spanned over five decades.

The award was handed over to Mohammed Galadari, Co-Chairman and Group CEO of Galadari Brothers; Axel Dreyer, CEO, GAL; and Shah Basharat, Head of Brand — Mazda, GAL, during an event in Hiroshima, Japan, last week. Mohammed Galadari credited the award to the hard work put in by all the teams at GAL. “Mazda’s powerful performance on the road is complemented by its innovative technology offerings. The team has successfully showcased this unique experience in the UAE, therefore enabling our customers to recognise the exceptional driving experience offered by the Mazda products.”

He added: “Despite recent challenges in the automotive sector, we have converted these challenges into opportunities, and are proud to receive recognition from Mazda Motor Corporation with this award.”

Suhail Galadari, Co-Chairman of Galadari Brothers, praised GAL’s efforts in making the Mazda brand stand out in the UAE market. “We are thrilled to receive this award for the second year. We thank Mazda Motor Corporation for recognising our efforts in creating an exceptional experience for our customers.”

Axel Dreyer highlighted how the brand clocked growth despite industry challenges, and listed the factors that make Mazda vehicles a dream to drive: Safety, reliability, technology and craftsmanship. “We understand that to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving industry, we must embrace innovation and deliver products and services that exceed customer expectations,” he said.

Dreyer underscored GAL’s efforts in creating a unique experience for customers both at showrooms and service facilities. “We are humbled and honoured to be recognised with this award. This achievement reflects the unwavering dedication and hard work of our team, who have relentlessly pursued excellence and set new benchmarks in the automotive industry. GAL remains committed to its customer-centric approach at every touchpoint, reinforcing our position as a trusted brand.”

Shah Basharat stressed on the “exceptional driving pleasure that is built into the core DNA of every Mazda. Mazda’s premium quality products, paired with GAL’s commitment to customer satisfaction, has established the brand as a preferred choice for motorists”.

“Mazda, being a premium Japanese brand, offers a unique combination of power, style and fuel economy, delivering unmatched driving pleasure. We are proud to have built a reputation for exceptional customer service, which is a fundamental aspect of our brand identity.”

Galadari Automobiles is a leader in the automobile sector, with branches across the UAE. It has been offering world-class automotive products and high-quality after-sales servicing and customer support for over five decades.

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