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Google Alert System Fails to Issue Warning for Turkey Earthquake


Google’s Earthquake Warning System Failed to Reach Many Turkish Residents Before Deadly Tremor.

According to an investigation, Google’s earthquake warning system failed to reach numerous Turkish residents ahead of the deadly tremor that occurred in February. The system, which is designed to provide up to a minute’s notice on Android phones before an earthquake strikes, claims to have sent alerts to millions before the initial and largest quake.

However, the on-the-ground investigation in three cities within the earthquake zone revealed that none of the hundreds of people interviewed had received any warning. This is significant because Android phones constitute approximately 80% of the phones in Turkey, making the system’s reach potentially extensive.

Professor Harold Tobin, director of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, expressed concern, emphasizing that if Google promises to deliver a critical service like earthquake early warning, they have a responsibility to follow through due to its direct impact on people’s lives and safety.

Google’s product lead for the warning system, Micah Berman, maintained that the system had indeed worked and alerts were sent. However, the company did not provide concrete evidence to demonstrate the wide reception of these alerts.

The earthquake that struck in February resulted in the tragic loss of more than 50,000 lives. Following the initial 7.8-magnitude quake in the early morning, another major tremor hit the surrounding area at lunchtime. While a limited number of users reported receiving warnings for the second quake, the overall effectiveness of the system in reaching the population remains in question.

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