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UAE: Netflix’s Password Sharing Restrictions Prompt Downgrades, Platform Switches

Streaming platform clarifies: Accounts are meant to be shared by people living together in one household.

UAE: Netflix's Password Sharing Restrictions Prompt Downgrades, Platform Switches

The recent crackdown on password sharing by Netflix has left many customers in the UAE contemplating their options and considering switching to other streaming platforms or downgrading their plans. For expats like Sarah Tiry, who currently shares her Netflix account with her sisters in Cape Town, the password-sharing ban is expected to take effect soon. Sarah doubts that she will subscribe to Netflix individually since she believes she doesn’t use it enough to warrant a personal account.

Netflix’s new policy states that an account is meant to be shared by people who live together in one household, and those living in different households must sign up for their own accounts. This means that users like Sarah, who share accounts with family members in different locations, will no longer be able to continue sharing.

Sarah’s hesitation in opening her own account also stems from the lack of diverse content on Netflix, particularly for her preteen son. She feels that there should be more shows that interest him on the platform. As a result, Sarah and her husband are considering signing up for Disney+ instead, as her son finds content there more appealing.

While Netflix does offer an option to add an extra member to an account for an additional fee, this service is currently not available in the UAE. This limitation is a concern for users like Areeb Siddiqui, a Dubai resident who shares his Netflix account with his family. Areeb’s frequent travels for work and his wife’s visits to her family in Canada raise questions about whether their account usage will be affected by the new policy. Areeb is considering downgrading his account to a basic plan to avoid potential issues with different devices being used on the same IP address.

Netflix has stated that it can detect and restrict password-sharing by monitoring WiFi networks and IP addresses of devices on its platform. This move is seen as an effort to crack down on account sharing and ensure that each user has their own subscription.

As the new policy takes effect, many Netflix users in the UAE are reassessing their streaming options and making decisions based on their individual needs and preferences. While some may choose to subscribe to other platforms like Disney+, others may choose to downgrade their Netflix plans to accommodate the restrictions on account sharing. The streaming landscape is evolving, and consumers are adapting to the changes in the way they access and enjoy content.

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