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How frequently do residents in the UAE upgrade their premium smartphones?

Emirati customers have discerning tastes and are technologically advanced compared to other nations, often demanding high-quality products.

by Jamsheera
Honor President Daniel

Daniel Wang, President of Honor Middle East and Africa, noted that UAE customers are extending the replacement cycle for premium smartphones due to a lack of exciting features in newer models. Pre-pandemic, replacements occurred approximately every 7-8 months, but now, if customers find nothing compelling in new products, the replacement cycle has lengthened to around one to one-and-a-half years.

“In an interview during the MWC2024 in Barcelona, Spain, Wang emphasized that UAE customers possess discerning tastes and are technologically advanced compared to other nations. They seek high-quality products with superior designs and camera features,” he stated.

Wang also highlighted the significance of the UAE market for Chinese technology manufacturers, as it reflects smart device trends. Consequently, the UAE serves as a benchmark for companies launching products in the region.

“Honor’s regional chief highlighted during the media briefing at the MWC2024 that the UAE was the first country to launch a nationwide AI strategy. He emphasized that products succeeding in the UAE market often perform well in other regional markets too. Additionally, he noted that popular products in the UAE can be effectively marketed in other countries. He underscored the UAE’s significance for high-tier products due to its diverse population and high-income demographics.”

On Sunday, the renowned Chinese global technology brand introduced its Magic6 Pro smartphone and AI PC MagicBook Pro 16 at the MWC 2024 in Barcelona. These latest additions to the Honor Magic Series flagship lineup are equipped with a platform-level artificial intelligence (AI) operating system, aiming to provide users with more human-centric experiences.

The innovations in photography, display, performance, and AI-powered user experiences mark significant advancements in these devices. The company unveiled MagicOS 8.0, the latest iteration of its Android-based operating system, which introduces platform-level AI and the industry’s first intent-based user interface.

Furthermore, Honor announced its plans to launch a next-generation foldable phone in the UAE later this year.

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