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Include these 5 soothing reads in your list for ultimate comfort.

Discover these books that embrace you like a warm hug from a dear friend.

by Soofiya

For many of us, indulging in a good book is a vital act of self-care, offering a temporary escape from the pressures of daily life. During challenging times, the desire for literature that provides a gentle and comforting embrace becomes even more pronounced. Here are some heartwarming reads that can feel like a warm hug in these demanding times:

Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld Curtis Sittenfeld’s “Romantic Comedy” is a witty and intelligent feminist take on the romantic comedy genre. The story revolves around Sally Milz, a successful writer for a late-night comedy show, and Noah Brewster, a ‘smoking hot’ pop star. As they navigate the complexities of romance, the novel delivers humor and swoon-worthy moments.

This Woven Kingdom by Tahereh Mafi Tahereh Mafi’s “This Woven Kingdom” is a delightful read filled with Jinn princesses, forbidden romance, ancient myths, and political intrigue. The story follows Alizeh and Kamran, whose paths intertwine despite the challenges that keep them apart. The rich world-building and captivating narrative continue in the sequel, “These Infinite Threads,” with the third installment, “All this Twisted Glory,” anticipated in February 2024.

It Won’t Always be Like This by Malaka Gharib Malaka Gharib’s graphic memoir, “It Won’t Always be Like This,” explores themes of family, identity, and relationships. The memoir recounts Gharib’s summers in Egypt, navigating her relationship with her father, stepmother, and half-siblings. It’s a poignant exploration of family dynamics and self-discovery.

Oh William! by Elizabeth Strout “Oh William!” by Elizabeth Strout is a beautifully crafted narrative that relies on subtle observations and astute commentary. The story follows Lucy Barton, a writer in her 60s, as she embarks on a trip with her first husband, William, to uncover family history. Through this journey, readers discover Lucy’s past, her relationships, and the profound impact of her challenging childhood.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Jane Austen’s timeless classic, “Pride and Prejudice,” is a literary gem known for its humor, keen observations of English society, and a strong female protagonist. The story’s enduring appeal lies in its exploration of romance and social dynamics. If you haven’t experienced the wit and charm of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, it’s a must-read that never loses its enchantment.

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