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Italy reached the final of the European Championship 2020

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Italy reached the final of the European Championship 2020

The Italians have extended their unbeaten streak to 33 matches, to repeat the best result in the history of football, the team must not lose in the next two games

The first finalist of the European Football Championship was the Italian national team. In a fierce confrontation with the Spaniards at Wembley, Roberto Mancini’s men snatched victory in a penalty shootout.

The match between Spain and Italy at the Euro is a classic since 2008, not a single European championship is complete without their confrontation. It was never boring. And now the teams did not disappoint, presenting the audience with a beautiful game: they acted quickly, temperamentally, skillfully developed attacks through high-quality ball control.

The only serious drawback of the game is poor implementation, the meeting could have ended with a much larger number of goals. And the Spaniards should be the first to reproach themselves for this. Throughout the tournament, they had problems translating their playing advantage into goals.

In the game with the Italians, the dominance of Luis Enrique’s team began to be felt shortly after the 60th minute, at which the Italians opened the scoring: Federico Chiesa scored. Enrique reacted to the missed ball with a substitution – Chiesa’s partner in Juventus, Alvaro Morata, entered the field. The Spaniards completely took possession of the playing advantage and created two dangerous moments.

The pressure on Gianluigi Donnarumma’s goal grew. In the 80th minute, the Spaniards managed to equalize the score through the efforts of Morata, who during the tournament was repeatedly criticized for his play.

The Azzurri’s have bagged their spot in the finals of Euro2020 tournament after defeating Spain in the penalty shootout.

The Italians are waiting for the final opponent
But the Spanish striker was not destined to become the hero of the match. On the contrary, it was his mistake in the penalty shootout that brought the Italian national team to the final. “At this tournament, he had to go through a difficult test, but I think he was great, good at creation, today he scored the ball to the Italians. I haven’t talked to him yet, because he went to doping control, but after that, it is necessary I will, “said Enrique.

After the game, Mancini admitted that his team in this meeting had to play to keep the score. “We knew from the beginning that the Spaniards were masters of ball control, that they would give us problems, so we had to adapt to their game and just fight. Football teams attack and defend, you can’t just attack,” he said.

Chiesa, recognized as the best player of the match, spoke about the strength of the spirit of the Italians. “We endured as a team, stayed together until the last penalty,” he said. He was echoed by the defender of the Italians Leonardo Bonucci, who called this match the hardest in his career

Thanks to this success, the Italian national team extended their unbeaten streak to 33 matches; in order to repeat the world record, they need not to lose in two more games. The next one will be held again at Wembley on 11 July. The rival of the Italians in the final of Euro 2020 will be determined on July 7 in the meeting between the teams of England and Denmark.

The Italian national team has managed to make an impressive leap in three years. Without getting to the 2018 World Cup, the team led by Mancini – the former Zenit coach – was able to transform. “The merit of the guys is that they believed in all this three years ago. But this is not the end, we must gather the remaining strength and prepare for the final,” added Mancini.

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