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Latest Apple Pencil: A Budget-Friendly Choice for Everyday iPad Users

In a move aligned with the widespread adoption of USB-C connectivity, Apple has introduced its third-generation Apple Pencil with a USB-C port.

by The Gulf Talk
Latest apple pencil

The sleek design closely resembles its predecessor, featuring a sliding cap that unveils the USB-C port, a subtle yet functional addition.

Maintaining the signature matte finish for a comfortable grip, the new Pencil is slightly shorter and lighter, though the impact on weight is minimal. Apple strikes a balance, ensuring it feels substantial without being too lightweight, a crucial factor for users immersed in their tasks.

However, the budget-friendly price point comes with trade-offs. Unlike its predecessors, the USB-C Pencil does not support wireless charging while attached to an iPad. Charging is now accomplished through a straightforward USB-C cable connection, a process that lacks the elegance of wireless charging but gets the job done.

Pairing the new Pencil with an iPad is seamless, akin to connecting Apple Watch or AirPods. Customizable swipe gestures enhance user experience, allowing quick access to actions like note-taking or screenshot capture.

While the new Pencil lacks pressure sensitivity, a key feature for artists requiring precision, it excels for users focused on note-taking and doodling. The device’s scribble feature, converting handwriting into type, remains accurate and efficient.

The affordability factor is a standout feature, with the new Pencil priced at Dh319, making it the most economical option in the lineup. Compatible with various iPad models, it caters to a wide user base, but buyers should ensure compatibility with their specific iPad model.

In conclusion, the USB-C Apple Pencil is a pleasant surprise, offering a solid accessory experience despite the absence of some advanced features. While artists may seek alternatives with pressure sensitivity, the new Pencil is a compelling choice for non-artists seeking the convenience of additional stylus functions on iPads. The naming suggestion of “Pencil SE” aptly captures its affordability and functionality for users who prioritize utility over advanced features.

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