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Luxon Takes Oath as Prime Minister of New Zealand

The ex-airline executive assumes office six weeks after his conservative National Party secured victory in the national elections.

by Jamsheera
New Zealand Prime minister

Christopher Luxon, the ex-airline executive, officially assumed the role of New Zealand’s prime minister on Monday, pledging to address inflation and reduce interest rates. His takeover follows the victory of the conservative National Party in national elections, putting an end to the six-year rule of the Labour Party led by Jacinda Ardern.

Christopher Luxon, 53, the former chief executive of Air New Zealand, took the oath as the head of a new coalition government in Wellington, New Zealand, following his party’s victory in national elections. Luxon emphasized the importance of addressing economic challenges, including reducing the cost of living, controlling inflation, and lowering interest rates. His government’s initial priorities include restoring law and order, improving public services, and implementing policies within the first 100 days.

Luxon’s cabinet, set to meet in the coming days, will focus on key initiatives such as cracking down on crime, banning cell phones in schools, and canceling planned fuel tax hikes. The coalition, formed with the ACT and New Zealand First parties, marks the 42nd prime ministership in New Zealand’s history. Notably, the deputy prime minister role will be shared between Winston Peters and David Seymour in consecutive 18-month stints, a unique arrangement in New Zealand politics.

Luxon, known for his seven-year tenure as the leader of the national airline, highlighted the need to address the root causes of inflation by ensuring prudent government spending and generating savings from public service. The new prime minister expressed commitment to tackling economic challenges and implementing effective governance, bringing a wealth of experience from both the corporate and political spheres to his role.

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