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Meta, the owner of Facebook, announces intentions to develop a competitor to Twitter


Sources reveal that Meta, the company behind Facebook, has presented its staff with plans for a text-based social network that aims to directly compete with Twitter.

The proposed platform, which is currently in development, may offer users the ability to follow accounts they already follow on Instagram, Meta’s popular image-sharing app. Additionally, it could potentially allow users to migrate their followers from decentralized platforms like Mastodon.

A Meta spokesperson confirmed the company’s endeavor, stating that they are exploring the creation of a standalone decentralized social network focused on sharing text updates. The spokesperson further emphasized the potential for a distinct space where creators and public figures can share real-time updates about their interests.

Chris Cox, Meta’s chief product officer, revealed that coding is already underway for the platform. While no specific release date was provided, the tech giant aims to launch it soon, with speculation suggesting it could be as early as the end of June.

Leaked screenshots of the internal presentation have surfaced online, providing a glimpse into the app’s potential layout.

The upcoming text-based network, currently referred to as P92, has the potential to pose a stronger challenge to Elon Musk’s Twitter than either BlueSky or Mastodon.

Transitioning to a new social network and rebuilding a community from scratch is a challenging task, often discouraging disillusioned Twitter users from making the switch. However, Meta’s advantage lies in the massive Instagram community. With approximately two billion users, Meta’s user base surpasses the estimated 300 million users of Twitter, although the accuracy of these figures cannot be independently verified.

If even a modest 25% of Instagram users can be enticed to embrace P92 (which will undoubtedly have a more appealing name upon its launch), the new platform will instantly overshadow its older rival in terms of user numbers.

Meta acknowledges drawing “inspiration” from other products, although some critics express it less generously. For instance, Facebook’s Stories feature was influenced by Snapchat, and Instagram’s Reels bears a striking resemblance to TikTok.

Twitter has faced scrutiny in recent months due to moderation concerns on its platform and decided to withdraw from the EU’s voluntary disinformation code in May.

Under Elon Musk’s leadership, it is reported that Twitter’s moderation efforts have been scaled back, leading critics to argue that it has contributed to the spread of misinformation. However, Mr. Musk contends that since taking over in October 2022, there has been “less misinformation rather than more.”

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