Home Tech “OpenAI Offers Rewards Up to Rs 16 Lakh to Users Who Find Bugs in ChatGPT”

“OpenAI Offers Rewards Up to Rs 16 Lakh to Users Who Find Bugs in ChatGPT”


“OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has introduced a program that rewards users with up to $20,000 for identifying bugs in its AI systems.”
On Tuesday, OpenAI launched its Bug Bounty program, which will grant rewards starting at $200 per vulnerability and scaling up based on severity of the bug reported. Bug bounty programs are a common practice in the tech industry, as they incentivize programmers and ethical hackers to report bugs in software systems. OpenAI is specifically inviting researchers to examine select components of ChatGPT’s functionality and the framework governing OpenAI’s communication and data sharing with third-party applications.

It should be emphasized that the Bug Bounty program does not cover any erroneous or malicious content generated by OpenAI systems. OpenAI anticipates that the program will enhance the security and dependability of its AI systems.

The program was rolled out in the aftermath of ChatGPT’s ban in Italy due to suspected privacy regulation violations, a development that has prompted other European regulators to more closely inspect generative AI services.

Since its release in November, ChatGPT has gained significant popularity for its speedy response to queries, impressing some users. However, others have reported inaccuracies that have caused distress. Through the Bug Bounty program, OpenAI aims to address any problems and advance the performance of its AI systems.

The Bug Bounty program is a constructive measure towards enhancing the security and reliability of OpenAI’s AI systems. Given the expanding use of AI across various industries, ensuring the security and absence of vulnerabilities in these systems is crucial.

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