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Selena Gomez Reflects on Her Massive Instagram Following as a Significant Responsibility


Selena Gomez Reflects on the Weight of Being Instagram’s Most-Followed Woman.

Selena Gomez, the accomplished actress and singer, has opened up about the substantial responsibility that comes with being the most-followed woman on Instagram.

While speaking at Universal Music Group and Thrive Global’s Music and Health Conference, Selena shared her perspective on her impressive social media following. She noted that she has “never really cared” about follower counts but acknowledged that it can sometimes feel burdensome.

Last year, Selena released a documentary focused on her health and mental well-being following a lupus diagnosis. With 429 million Instagram followers to her name, she surpasses her close friend Taylor Swift, who boasts 272 million followers, and the previous record holder, Kylie Jenner, with 399 million followers.

Selena, at 31 years old, has received messages from fans expressing how her music has provided solace during challenging times. While she appreciates the positive impact she has on people’s lives, she also recognizes the emotional weight that comes with it.

“I feel for people, and I think that’s what kind of keeps me in check, to be honest,” Selena explained. She admitted that she can be impulsive with her emotions, but her interactions with fans, including young people and women navigating divorces or chemotherapy, remind her that her influence extends beyond herself.

She concluded, “I will just always cherish it. It’s a big responsibility, though. It’s a little scary.”

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