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The strange requests for plastic surgery in the UAE: When doctors have to refuse makeovers

by The Gulf Talk

With all the medical technologies available today, plastic surgeons can certainly do wonders and grant all sorts of makeover wishes — but a good doctor would know when to draw the line.

In the UAE — where cosmetic surgery has seen strong demand — experts have come across some ‘strange requests’ and unrealistic expectations.

Sometimes, those who want their noses reshaped go a bit too far, said Dr Bashar Bizrah, an otolaryngology consultant who has conducted over 40,000 rhinoplasty procedures and author of Rhinoplasty and Facial Aesthetic Surgery.

“If I make the nose very small, it will affect her breathing, so I refuse. The nose was created by God for breathing not for cosmetic purposes. A skilled surgeon should always preserve the function and you can’t follow the patient’s desire if it’s unreasonable,” Dr Bashar said, adding that people sometimes just follow the media and the way celebrities look.

Plastic surgeons have an obligation to say no, according to Dr Bashar. “I refuse to do surgery for people who have a normal-looking nose because there’s always a risk with surgery.”

Surgeons should know when to stop both before and during the operation, he said. “It’s like seeing a red traffic light. You have to stop when you see it. Before surgery, you say no to patients whose noses have normal dimensions and are in harmony with their faces. During surgery, skilled surgeons need to know when to stop. Those who don’t know how to stop can cause problems and complications.”

News source: Khaleej Times

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