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TikTok Takes Steps to Address Data Security Concerns with New Dublin Data Center


In response to ongoing concerns regarding data security and potential Chinese state surveillance, TikTok, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, has opened its first data center in Europe, located in Dublin. The move signifies TikTok’s commitment to safeguarding European users’ data and ensuring it remains within the European Union.

TikTok has consistently denied sharing data with Beijing, but critics have expressed fears that the Chinese government could request access to user data at any time. To enhance transparency and security, TikTok has initiated “Project Clover,” which involves granting a European security company access to audit their cybersecurity and data protection measures.

Under “Project Clover,” NCC Group, a global cybersecurity company with a strong European presence, will independently review and scrutinize TikTok’s data controls. They will actively monitor and respond to any suspicious access attempts, further bolstering data security for TikTok’s more than 150 million European users.

TikTok also plans to establish additional data centers in Ireland and Norway, with these centers collectively responsible for storing and managing European user data. This move aims to alleviate concerns among European security officials about potential access by the Chinese state to sensitive user information.

As TikTok and NCC Group continue to collaborate on “Project Clover,” they will engage with policymakers across Europe to ensure transparency and provide a deeper understanding of the security measures being implemented.

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