Home Tech Apple MacBook Air Hits ‘Lowest-Ever’ Price on Amazon

Apple MacBook Air Hits ‘Lowest-Ever’ Price on Amazon

Apple MacBook Air Hits 'Lowest-Ever' Price on Amazon Apple MacBook Air Hits 'Lowest-Ever' Price on Amazon

In November 2020, Apple introduced its groundbreaking MacBook Air powered by the M1 series processors. Swiftly becoming one of the world’s most sought-after laptops, the M1 MacBook Air remains a favorite among users despite newer models in the market. Now, Amazon is offering the M1 MacBook Air at its lowest-ever price, just in time for The Great Indian Festival Sale. Originally launched at Rs 92,900, Apple subsequently increased its price to Rs 99,900.

So, what’s the current price of the MacBook Air on Amazon? It’s listed at an attractive Rs 69,900, marking a substantial Rs 30,000 reduction from its initial price. To sweeten the deal, users can enjoy an additional Rs 5,000 instant discount when using SBI cards for purchases exceeding Rs 1,00,000. For those with cart values above Rs 50,000 (such as the MacBook Air), an instant discount of Rs 1,500 applies, bringing the price down to Rs 67,500. And if your cart value exceeds Rs 1 lakh, the M1 MacBook Air can be yours for just Rs 64,900. This represents the lowest-ever price for the M1 MacBook Air since its debut.

Moreover, Amazon offers an exchange deal for the M1 MacBook Air. However, please note that the maximum exchange value for old laptops is Rs 11,250. For instance, when checking the exchange value for an older Intel i5-powered MacBook, the offer amounted to just Rs 7,700.

While Amazon has categorized the M1 MacBook Air as a “Deal of the Day,” it is expected to maintain this attractive pricing during the Great Indian Festival Sale. The official sale starts on October 8, with early access for Prime members on October 7. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grab the M1 MacBook Air at an unprecedented price.

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