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UAE Calls for Safeguarding Civilians and Swift Ceasefire in Israel-Palestine Conflict


The UAE’s Foreign Ministry strongly condemns the recent attacks by Hamas on Israeli towns and villages, particularly the indiscriminate firing of rockets into civilian areas, characterizing these actions as a significant and dangerous escalation. In an official statement, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs has emphasized the utmost importance of protecting civilians and stressed that an immediate ceasefire is the top priority to halt the ongoing violence and ensure the safety of civilian populations.

The Ministry expressed deep concern over reports of Israeli civilians being taken as hostages from their homes, deeming such actions reprehensible. It reiterated that, according to international humanitarian law, civilians on both sides must always be shielded from harm and should never become targets in conflicts. The UAE extended its condolences to the families affected by these incidents and called for robust diplomatic efforts to prevent a broader regional confrontation.

Furthermore, the Ministry mourned the loss of lives on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides due to the outbreak of violence. It called on both parties to de-escalate the situation and avoid further intensification of this tragic violence, which exacts a toll on civilian lives and infrastructure.

The UAE underscored the urgent need for the international community to collaborate in preventing the escalation of violence, which poses a threat of wider instability and spillover, including potential involvement by other groups. The UAE emphasized that the international community must remain steadfast in the face of these violent actions aimed at derailing ongoing regional initiatives focused on dialogue, cooperation, and peaceful coexistence. It stressed the importance of not allowing nihilistic destruction to overtake a region already scarred by the ravages of war and trauma.

The Ministry also highlighted that the UAE maintains close communication with its regional and international partners to swiftly de-escalate the situation, restore calm in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and facilitate a return to negotiations for a final settlement based on the two-state solution, allowing both Palestinians and Israelis to live in peace and dignity.

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