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WHO Sounds Alarm: Hospitals in Besieged Gaza Strip on the Brink of Collapse

UN Health Agency Urges Immediate Humanitarian Corridor Amid Israeli Bombing

WHO Sounds Alarm: Hospitals in Besieged Gaza Strip on the Brink of Collapse

The World Health Organization (WHO) has urgently called for humanitarian access to the Gaza Strip, emphasizing that Israel’s blockade and airstrikes have pushed the enclave’s healthcare system to the brink of collapse. Gaza’s hospitals, already overwhelmed, have just a few hours of electricity daily, and critical services such as intensive care, X-ray, and dialysis are being rationed due to fuel shortages. The WHO is urging the opening of a humanitarian corridor for health workers to access Gaza and the evacuation of the sick and injured. Additionally, there are severe shortages of medical supplies, further increasing the risk of a humanitarian disaster for Gaza’s two million inhabitants.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has also voiced concern over the deteriorating situation in Gaza, describing it as “abhorrent.” The ICRC warned that power cuts are jeopardizing essential medical services like incubators for newborns and oxygen for elderly patients. Kidney dialysis has been interrupted, and X-rays cannot be performed in hospitals lacking electricity. Hospitals are at risk of becoming makeshift morgues.

As the conflict between Israel and Hamas intensifies, Israel has stated that it has dropped around 6,000 bombs on Gaza. In response to an attack by Hamas that killed over 1,300 Israelis and caught Israeli security forces off-guard, Israel initiated its bombing campaign nearly a week ago. The ongoing airstrikes have resulted in over 1,500 Palestinian casualties and thousands of injuries. Israel is preparing for a potential ground invasion of Gaza.

Gaza, with roughly 30 hospitals, 13 of which are operated by the Ministry of Health, is facing a dire situation. The WHO reported 34 attacks on healthcare facilities in Gaza since Saturday, with 11 WHO healthcare workers killed and 16 injured by yesterday. Additionally, five ICRC workers have lost their lives. Twenty ambulances have also been damaged in the conflict.

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