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Arrival of Second Batch of Palestinians Seeking Medical Treatment in Abu Dhabi

A group of over 50 passengers, comprising medical volunteers and cabin crew, landed at Al Arish at 5:45 pm local time (7:45 pm UAE time).

by Jamsheera
Second Batch of Palestinian injured arrives in UAE

The second group of Palestinian children, who were injured in the ongoing conflict in Gaza, has arrived in the UAE for medical treatment at Emirati hospitals. Khaleej Times played a role in this humanitarian mission, where a flight from Abu Dhabi landed at Al Arish International Airport in Egypt, evacuated the children, and returned to Abu Dhabi within 15 hours. The injuries of the children varied from fractures and burns to some suffering from cancer.

Over 50 individuals, including medical volunteers and cabin crew, landed at Al Arish at 5:45 pm local time (7:45 pm UAE time). Upon the patients’ transfer to ambulances on the tarmac, medical volunteers disembarked to assess the condition of each person.

Once the patients were examined and stabilized, the process of loading them onto the plane commenced, demanding patience and precision and lasting over 5 hours.

In a recent development, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the UAE, issued a prompt directive earlier this month to facilitate medical treatment for 1,000 Palestinian children affected by the conflict in the Gaza Strip. Additionally, the UAE extended an offer to provide medical care for 1,000 cancer patients in its hospitals, responding to the healthcare crisis in the region caused by ongoing bombings by Israel.

Dream Realized

Palestinian Resident Mohammed Fulfills Long-Held Ambition to Visit the UAE

On Tuesday, the dream of Palestinian resident Mohammed finally materialized as he arrived in Abu Dhabi. However, this joyous occasion was bittersweet, as he was in the UAE to support his cousin, Mohammed Anwar, who sustained a spinal injury during the bombardment of Gaza by Israel.

Mohammed and his cousin, Anwar, are among the few surviving members of their family. “Our parents wanted us to come here together,” Mohammed explained. “They wanted us to be safe and away from the war.”

Experiencing air travel for the first time, Mohammed found moments of excitement and distraction from the war that has engulfed his home country. The medical staff accompanying them guided him through using the entertainment system, but Mohammed was captivated by the view outside the window as the aircraft approached landing. “This country looks so pretty,” he exclaimed repeatedly.

However, when discussing his family, emotions overwhelmed him. “I don’t know if I will ever be able to see them again,” he said.

The two boys had evacuated from southern Gaza following Israeli warnings and were residing in the northern part with their uncle. Unfortunately, a bombing incident destroyed their neighbor’s house, causing a wall to collapse onto Anwar and resulting in a severe back injury. Anwar, now in the UAE, will undergo surgery soon.

Overcoming Transportation Challenges

Volunteers Work Tirelessly to Ensure Smooth Transfer of Patients.

A dedicated group of volunteers put in continuous efforts to facilitate the seamless transportation of patients. When the stretchers available in Egypt fell short of reaching the crane lift provided by Etihad Airways, volunteers quickly gathered, orchestrating a swift motion to elevate it onto the crane.

Subsequently, the crane ascended slowly to the aircraft, where patients were carefully transferred to special medical areas. Some of them, experiencing pain, were comforted by medics who not only administered painkillers but also engaged in light-hearted banter and distractions with the children.

Officials have indicated that additional flights will be scheduled in the future to transport more injured Gazan children to the UAE.

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