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Bab Al Nojoum Resort Unveils Overwater Villas on Hudayriyat Island

Experience the allure of 14 Maldives-style villas and 17 beachfront units along the Abu Dhabi shore

by Lafin

Bab Al Nojoum, renowned for its opulent campground on Hudayriyat Island in Abu Dhabi, is setting the stage to enchant beach enthusiasts and island seekers alike.

Despite being a mere 10-minute journey from downtown Abu Dhabi, the moment I step onto the newly crafted wooden deck, I am instantly transported to a serene tropical island, complete with overwater villas.

The property has introduced 31 premium units, with 17 nestled along the beach, and the remaining units gracefully perched over the water. All are seamlessly connected by a winding deck that extends beyond the shoreline.

Gazing out, you won’t encounter a bustling city skyline; instead, the shore provides picturesque views of two other private islands, intensifying the illusion of an idyllic beach retreat.

Guests have the option to select one or two-bedroom beachfront units, each featuring private swimming pools, cabanas, and sunbeds. Some units boast interconnected doors in the pool area, ideal for accommodating large groups and families.

For those seeking a Maldivian-inspired experience, the overwater villas beckon, hovering above Hudayriyat’s serene waters. The duplexes offer terraces, private pools, sunbeds, and a dining table.

The majority of the overwater villas are studios, with two units featuring two bedrooms each.

The expansion also introduces a new dining haven, “La Cocina,” specializing in European-inspired cuisine. Equipped with a wood-fired oven and grills for meat lovers, the restaurant offers an extensive à la carte menu, with an option for a communal dining experience typically served at sunset.

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