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Celebrate Ramadan 2024 in the UAE by bringing home the festive decorations.

Here are several ways to enhance your home for the Holy Month and Eid festivities.

by Jamsheera
Ramadan kareem

Lanterns and decorative lights

Traditional lanterns, called fanous or fanoos, have emerged as a universal emblem of Ramadan. Across the globe, individuals illuminate their homes with candles, infusing the holy month with a celebratory ambiance. Alongside lanterns, an array of lighting options such as wall lamps, LED lights, and string lights contribute to the festive decor.

Ramadan Decor

Scented Candles

Scented candles present a simple yet refined Ramadan decor suggestion, offering both light and a mood-enhancing touch. With fragrances like fresh lavender or sweet floral notes, they foster a heightened spiritual atmosphere throughout Ramadan.

Exclusive dinnerware

For a stunning Ramadan dinner table, opt for porcelain dinnerware complemented by Arabic napkins for a traditional flair. Arrange an array of dishes, spanning fresh fruits, vegetables, halal meat delicacies, bread, and sweets, atop vintage trays and fine bone China. Introduce playful elements such as star and moon-shaped serving trays for dry fruits. Elevate the ambiance with festive table linen, sure to impress guests during potluck gatherings.

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Celebratory banner

Incorporating a celebratory Ramadan door hanger on the front door or in the living room can infuse the living space with a festive atmosphere. Serving as a decorative piece, it enriches the Ramadan-themed ambiance.

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Carpets for your floors

Enhance the ambiance of your home for special occasions like Ramadan by adorning the floor with beautiful carpets. Choose from soft rugs, creatively designed carpets, and satin washable area rugs to elevate the aesthetics of your living space. Additionally, consider using super-absorbent floor mats in the bathroom area to maintain cleanliness while adding a touch of style. These mats also provide warmth and comfort for guests.

Plants and flower arrangements

Incorporating indoor plants and flowers into your Ramadan decor introduces a modern twist to the cozy atmosphere. Flower arrangements subtly enhance your decorations, serving as a focal point of freshness and infusing the decorating process with joy.

Ramadan calendar

For a family bonding activity, consider creating a DIY Ramadan calendar as a creative project. This hands-on approach not only sparks creativity but also fosters togetherness as the family prepares for the holy month.

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