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UAE Grants Visa-Free Access to Travel for Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Both nations have mutually agreed to exempt each other's citizens from visa requirements.

by Soofiya

Both nations have mutually agreed to exempt each other’s citizens from visa requirements.

Travellers from Bosnia and Herzegovina can now enjoy visa-free visits to the UAE, following a recent agreement signed by the two countries. The accord, covering tourism, business, and short-term visits, was officially announced by the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the signing ceremony on Monday. The memorandum of understanding aims to facilitate and enhance travel, trade, and interpersonal connections between the nations, fostering cultural understanding and stimulating economic growth. The agreement, signed by Reem Al Hashimy, the UAE’s Minister of State for International Co-operation, and Elmedin Konakovic, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, reflects a commitment to strengthening ties.

The UAE’s decision to waive visa requirements for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina was made in April, following discussions between Konakovic and Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, the UAE’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, in Sarajevo. Since 2015, citizens of the UAE have enjoyed visa-free access to Bosnia and Herzegovina for up to 90 days, provided they meet criteria such as possessing a passport valid for six months beyond their stay and proof of onward travel, as outlined by the embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Abu Dhabi.

Renowned for having one of the world’s strongest passports, the UAE passport currently allows visa-free travel to 179 countries, securing the 14th position in the Henley Passport Index. In contrast, the Bosnian passport, ranked 51st in the index, provides visa-free access to 118 countries. The picturesque nation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated on the Balkan Peninsula, gained independence in 1992 and offers a unique blend of East-meets-West cultures influenced by Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian legacies. Boasting lush landscapes, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, medieval ruins, and modern cities with character, the nation is a captivating destination. Additionally, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s ethnic diversity and the presence of Perucica, one of Europe’s last primeval forests, add to its allure.

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