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70% of UAE Residents ‘Strongly Considering’ Purchasing an Electric Car, Survey Finds

Growing Number of EV Charging Stations and Cost Savings Drive Strong Interest in Electric Cars Among 70% of UAE Residents, Survey Reveals

70% of UAE Residents 'Strongly Considering' Purchasing an Electric Car

In a recent survey commissioned by General Motors and conducted by Morning Consult, it has been revealed that a majority of UAE residents, comprising 70% of the respondents, are strongly considering purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) in the future. The growing interest in EVs is primarily driven by the potential cost savings, the increasing number of EV charging stations, and the overall awareness about EV infrastructure in the country.

The survey highlighted that awareness about EVs is consistently high across all age groups and among both men and women, translating into a strong inclination towards EV purchases. Among the participants, 73% expressed their eagerness to explore the cost savings associated with owning an EV.

The study identified two key drivers that have led to increased consideration for EVs. Firstly, the rising cost of petrol has prompted individuals to seek alternative, more economical options for their transportation needs. Secondly, there is a growing concern for the environment, and EVs are viewed as a means to alleviate these concerns. Approximately 64% of respondents who are more likely to consider an EV now compared to a year ago cited these reasons for their increased interest.

The online survey was conducted from February to March and collected responses from 500 individuals residing in the UAE. It aimed to explore consumer interest in EVs, awareness of long-term cost savings associated with EV ownership, knowledge of available EV options, and the accessibility of charging facilities.

The UAE has witnessed a recent influx of electric vehicle brands, including Canada’s AXL, Sweden’s Polestar, and China’s BYD, among others. As the number of EVs continues to rise, Al-Futtaim Electric Mobility has announced plans to establish nearly 3,000 charging points in the country by 2030.

The survey also highlighted a high level of general awareness among UAE respondents regarding all-electric vehicles, with 95% expressing familiarity with the concept. Jack Uppal, the President and Managing Director of General Motors for Africa & Middle East, expressed his optimism regarding the positive sentiment towards EVs in the UAE. He emphasized that as they work towards their vision of the future of mobility, the increasing volume and variety of EV options in the market will cater to the shifting consumer awareness and consideration brought about by the long-term benefits of EV ownership.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that 38% of respondents in the UAE were aware of the location of at least one convenient charging station. Among those aware of a convenient charging station, 80% reported its availability at their home parking area, with public parking or shared private parking spaces having the highest reported availability.

The UAE is already home to 600 charging points, with ambitious plans for drastic growth before 2050 to accommodate the increasing adoption of EVs.

Overall, the survey highlights the strong interest and positive sentiment towards EVs among UAE residents. The potential cost savings, growing availability of charging infrastructure, and increasing awareness of EV benefits have contributed to a significant consideration for EV purchases in the future.

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