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Migrant Boat from Senegal Carrying 200 People Reported Missing off Canary Islands

Spanish rescuers search for missing migrant boat off Canary Islands.

Migrant Boat from Senegal Carrying 200 People Reported Missing off Canary Islands

A fishing boat carrying approximately 200 people, including many children, has gone missing while attempting to reach the Canary Islands from Senegal. The boat departed from the coastal town of Kafountine in southern Senegal and was headed for Tenerife, which is approximately 1,700 kilometers (1,057 miles) away. Two other similar boats carrying dozens more individuals are also reported to be missing.

The aid group Walking Borders has highlighted the presence of many children on board. Spain’s maritime rescue service has launched a search operation, with a plane assisting in the efforts. However, there are limited details available regarding the other two missing boats. Helena Maleno from Walking Borders stated that one of the boats is believed to carry about 65 people, while the other has around 60, potentially bringing the total number of missing individuals across the three boats to more than 300.

This incident follows a recent tragedy in the Mediterranean, where an overcrowded trawler sank off the coast of Greece, resulting in the confirmed death of at least 78 people. The United Nations reported that up to 500 people may still be missing from that shipwreck.

The route from West Africa to the Canary Islands is known to be one of the most perilous for migrants, particularly due to the use of simple dugout fishing boats that are susceptible to strong Atlantic currents. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), at least 559 people lost their lives at sea while attempting to reach the Spanish islands in 2021. The death toll for 2022 was reported as 1,126.

Although there has been a decrease in irregular arrivals in the Canary Islands compared to previous years, the IOM notes that the flow of migrants along this dangerous route remains high. In 2022, Spain’s Interior Ministry recorded 15,682 irregular arrivals in the Canary Islands, reflecting a 30% decrease compared to the previous year. However, the numbers still remain significant and highlight the ongoing risks and challenges faced by migrants attempting to reach their destinations in search of better opportunities.

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