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New Pop-Up Beach Workspace in Dubai for Seaside Work

The remote working space caters to all business needs, offering unlimited 5G internet and advanced routers.

New Pop-Up Beach Workspace in Dubai for Seaside Work

In Dubai, the dream of working by the beach has become a reality thanks to du, an Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) subsidiary, which has unveiled its inaugural pop-up workspace at Sunrise Beach in Dubai. This innovative “Work Getaway” caters to various business needs, offering amenities such as unlimited 5G internet and an advanced router. The endeavor aligns with the government’s agenda to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs in the UAE.

Individuals interested in utilizing this facility can secure their spot by downloading the LetsWork app. More than just a workspace, this pop-up is designed as a hub for knowledge exchange and inspiration. It plans to host an extensive calendar of speaking sessions featuring highly successful entrepreneurs who will share their experiences and valuable insights into the business world.

The attendees will have the opportunity to gain insights from renowned artists, influential bloggers, and accomplished entrepreneurs as they delve into their passions, experiences, and projects. For example, artist Ali Kashwani will conduct a workshop, offering unique insights into his art and entrepreneurial journey. Young Emirati entrepreneur Saleh Al Braik will provide insight into his work and the significance of building valuable relationships.

Omar AlMheiri, the co-founder of Lets Work, will facilitate thought-provoking dialogues. Other sessions will include discussions with Najla Alansari about her innovative project ‘Not a Majlis’, Alawi AlBraik sharing insights into his venture Wakame, and a presentation by Mohamed Sahlawi discussing his project, Flat12.

Karim Benkirane, Chief Commercial Officer at du, stated, “As a pioneer in empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses, du Business is thrilled to introduce Work Getaway as an avant-garde workspace. We believe that entrepreneurs have the power to change the world, and our pop-up workspace is designed in alignment with du’s commitment to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and realize their dreams.” This initiative reflects the evolving nature of work and the increasing importance of flexible and innovative workspaces in today’s world.

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