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UAE: Emirati Employment in Private Sector Surges by 170% Since 2021

A study by TASC reveals that the majority of Emiratis, 73.67 per cent, are satisfied with their current jobs.

by Jamsheera
Number of Emiratis working in private sector jump by 170%

In a historic milestone, the number of Emiratis employed in the private sector by the end of 2023 reached nearly 96,000, marking a remarkable 170% increase since 2021, as per data released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Human Resources (MoHRE).

This announcement came during the unveiling of the second edition of the ‘Making Emiratisation a Success Guide for 2024,’ presented by the staffing and HR solutions firm TASC in collaboration with MoHRE on Monday.

A study conducted by TASC revealed that 77.65% of UAE nationals utilize the Nafis initiative for job searches, with 56.64% acknowledging its effectiveness in aiding their job search and career advancement.

The study unveiled that a significant majority of Emiratis, comprising 73.67%, express satisfaction with their current employment. Among Emiratis, 62.8% prioritize achieving work-life balance, while 59% prioritize job security and 58.4% prioritize career development.

Furthermore, findings indicate that 52.30% of employers prefer permanent hiring of UAE nationals, whereas 31.80% are open to a mixed approach, employing UAE nationals on both permanent and contractual terms.

Conducted across diverse industries, the survey garnered over 5,500 responses, representing UAE nationals, employers, and employees alike.

Employers disclosed their Emiratisation focus across various roles, notably in customer service (42.40%) and sales and marketing (42.05%). Operations roles have also garnered considerable attention, with 33.57% of employers seeking UAE nationals to fill these positions.

Ahmad Yousuf Al Nasser, Assistant Undersecretary of National Human Resources Development at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE), emphasized that private sector employers share this positive outlook. The vast majority recognize the beneficial impact of Emiratisation on their businesses, laying the groundwork for sustained economic diversification and growth.

“In the corporate landscape, the survey portrays an encouraging perspective of the Emiratisation strategy. A significant number of employers are poised to recruit up to 10 UAE nationals, indicating precise and deliberate hiring strategies for the year ahead. Moreover, nearly 15% of employers are planning to onboard a larger cohort of UAE nationals, marking a significant step towards aligning talent requirements with the valuable skills our Emirati workforce brings to the forefront,” he noted.

Mahesh Shahdadpuri, founder and CEO of TASC Outsourcing, highlighted the ongoing efforts to embed Emiratisation deeply within the UAE’s work culture. He stated, “In addition to current efforts to integrate Emiratis into the workforce, it’s noteworthy that an impressive 72.47% of surveyed candidates express willingness to join either the public or private sector, indicating a workforce ready and eager to contribute. Furthermore, 78% of surveyed employers are prepared to onboard up to 10 UAE national professionals. These statistics underscore the heightened initiatives aimed at making Emiratisation an integral component of the UAE’s work culture.”

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