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Saudi Arabia: Internet Penetration Reaches 99% in 2023

The report reveals that over 52% of people spend more than seven hours a day on the internet.

by Jamsheera
Internet usage hits in Saudi

In 2023, Saudi Arabia witnessed a remarkable surge in internet utilization, boasting a penetration rate of 99%. This near-universal access, as indicated by the 2023 “Internet Saudi Arabia” report by the Communications, Space, and Technology Commission, is prevalent among both men and women, with rates of 99.3% and 98.5% respectively.

The report, detailed in the Saudi Gazette, underscores that over half of internet users (52.3%) dedicate more than seven hours daily to online activities. Predominantly, users access the internet from home (84.7%), on the move (72%), and from workplaces (43.4%). Notably, peak internet usage occurs between 9 pm and 11 pm, with Fridays witnessing the highest activity, and December being identified as the peak month for internet engagement.

In terms of device usage, mobile phones reign supreme as the primary gateway to the internet, commanding a staggering 98.9% usage rate, followed by computers at 55% and tablets at 39%. The mobile landscape is predominantly dominated by Android (61.5%) and iOS (38.1%) operating systems, while Windows leads among computer operating systems at 91.1%, followed by Mac at 7%.

The report underscores key online activities, with government services and banking services leading the pack with usage rates of 95.5% and 73.6% respectively. Online shopping trends reveal that 63.7% of users engage in e-commerce, with a notable preference among women (74.6%) compared to men (55.7%).

Furthermore, the report emphasizes the pivotal role of infrastructure advancements in fostering widespread internet adoption. Saudi Arabia stands among the top 10 countries globally for mobile internet speeds. The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) is evident with over 12 million IoT subscriptions. In 2023, internet data traffic surged beyond 42 million terabytes, averaging 44 gigabytes per month per individual.

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