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YouTuber Andrew Boyd Tests Bryan Johnson’s $2 Million Anti-Ageing Lifestyle

75-Day Project Bluepring Diet Experiment: Worthwhile and Rewarding, Says Participant

YouTuber Andrew Boyd Tests Bryan Johnson's $2 Million Anti-Ageing Lifestyle

Bryan Johnson, a 46-year-old centimillionaire, has been on a quest for immortality for the past three years. His unconventional approach has involved activities such as blood swapping with his teenage son, adhering to a strict vegan diet, and investing in cutting-edge treatments, including red-light therapy. This regimen, which includes taking 111 pills daily, comes at an annual cost of approximately $2 million.

Inspired by Johnson’s pursuit of longevity, 23-year-old Andrew Boyd decided to try a modified version of this diet, taking into consideration his younger age. Boyd, who hails from Tennessee, embarked on a 75-day experiment to test the unconventional “Project Blueprint” diet and meticulously documented his experiences on his YouTube channel, Project Andrew.

Surprisingly, within just one week of adopting the diet, Boyd was amazed by the significant results. He lost an average of six pounds and maintained an impressive 95 percent sleep score, leading to him feeling “incredible.”

Boyd noted that he made slight adjustments to his version of the diet, taking into account his age and the fact that he didn’t have access to the same extensive resources and medications as Johnson. He followed meal plans from Johnson’s website and selected vitamins that aligned with his needs.

Boyd managed to stick to a budget, spending approximately $112.34 weekly on the required food and supplements. He also dedicated four hours a week to meal preparation.

The experiment proved to be worthwhile and rewarding for Boyd. He reported a substantial transformation during the journey, including a weight loss of nearly 30 pounds (from 192 to 164 pounds) and a decrease in body fat percentage from 19 percent to 13.9 percent. These changes reflected a remarkable improvement in his overall physical health and fitness.

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