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Over 100 Job Vacancies for Graduates Offered at Dubai Exhibition

Unique Agenda and Activities Set This Exhibition Apart from Standard Job Fairs

Over 100 Job Vacancies for Graduates Offered at Dubai Exhibition

The ‘Health Talents’ exhibition, organized by the Dubai Health Authority, successfully concluded at the Dubai World Trade Center. This innovative initiative aimed to accelerate localization in the healthcare sector and garnered a positive response. A total of 24 prominent healthcare institutions participated, offering over 100 job vacancies across various health and administrative specialties for local talents.

The primary objective of this initiative is to cultivate local expertise and experience within the healthcare sector, providing opportunities for graduates, particularly from the Medicine and Health Sciences program supported by the DHA.

Since its inception in 2016, the program has enrolled 415 students, including 162 specialized in health sciences. The ‘Health Talents’ exhibition distinguished itself by its unique approach, going beyond the typical job fair format. It resulted in the signing of numerous employment contracts with local doctors and celebrated the achievements of graduates from the Medicine and Health Sciences program.

Additionally, the exhibition featured specialized workshops and open dialogues, facilitating discussions between healthcare institutions and local talents regarding a wide range of employment opportunities.

During his visit to the exhibition and direct interactions with Emiratis and healthcare institutions, Awadh Saghayer Al Ketbi, the Director General of the Dubai Health Authority, underscored the authority’s dedication to developing local talents and promoting Emiratis with expertise in health sciences and specific medical specialties. The DHA is committed to providing citizens with work and employment opportunities, leveraging their proven capabilities and efficiency in both medical and administrative roles.

Al Ketbi emphasized the importance of expanding strategic partnerships with various healthcare institutions and medical facilities to harness local talents, which enhances the quality and integration of the healthcare system and services. These efforts contribute to the continuous development and rapid transformations in Dubai’s healthcare sector.

He also commended the strong response from Dubai’s healthcare institutions and their active participation in the ‘Health Talents’ initiative. This engagement signifies the sector’s sense of responsibility and commitment to utilizing local experiences and competencies across various specialties.

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