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Caution for UAE Residents: Beware of ‘Agents’ Impersonating VFS Global during Visa Application Process


“Important Notice for UAE Residents Applying for Visas: Beware of Unauthorized Agents Claiming Affiliation with VFS Global”

UAE residents seeking visas for numerous countries through VFS Global have received a warning against seeking assistance from unauthorized agents within the country who falsely claim to be appointed by the company. VFS Global, a trusted visa outsourcing partner, clarified that it has not authorized any agents to offer visa-related advice or services to applicants. The company firmly stated that it has no affiliation with travel companies, typing offices, flight booking agents, or travel insurance agents within the UAE for visa-related matters.

In their statement, VFS Global emphasized that they will not assume responsibility for any advice or services sought from unauthorized agents, nor for any fees paid to these agents. The company exclusively provides visa services and does not endorse or cooperate with any third-party agents in the UAE.

VFS Global offers Schengen visa services for a wide range of countries, including Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands in the UAE.

VFS Global has instructed its staff not to redirect applicants to other agents, travel companies, or typing offices. The company is an authorized partner of diplomatic missions and is responsible for accepting and processing visa applications. However, the decision to approve or reject a visa application, as well as the processing time, lies solely with the diplomatic missions in the UAE. VFS Global clarified that it does not play a role in the outcome of visa applications and does not provide evaluative advice to applicants.

In light of these circumstances, VFS Global strongly advises visa applicants to seek assistance only from their staff present inside the Visa Application Centre premises to ensure reliable and authorized support throughout the visa application process.

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