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Driver Arrested After Car Crash in Vicinity of Israeli Embassy in Tokyo: Report

A single police officer sustained minor injuries in the incident.

by Jamsheera
Car crash in Japan embassy

On Thursday, Japanese police apprehended an individual following a car accident near the Israeli embassy in Tokyo, as reported by local media. Video footage suggested that a compact car breached a temporary barrier, colliding with a fence at an intersection approximately 100 meters (109 yards) from the embassy.

Reports also indicated that a police officer suffered minor injuries.

The apprehended individual is reportedly a member of a right-wing group and is in his 50s. Notably, right-wing groups in Japan are generally not associated with being critical of Israel or displaying anti-Semitic sentiments.

According to a spokesperson from the fire department, they received an emergency call for an ambulance at 3-11 Nibancho, Chiyoda ward at 11:57 am.

Law enforcement officials declined to provide comments, and attempts to reach the Israeli embassy were unsuccessful.

Around 11 am, a loud crash prompted me to go outside to investigate. I observed a policeman near the traffic barrier, visibly injured and in pain, with signs of bleeding. Additionally, there was a black car parked nearby, recounted an employee from a nearby restaurant to public broadcaster NHK.

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