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Emirati Actor Makes History as First to Star in International Series Alongside Idris Elba in “Hijack”

Actor Mohammed Faisal Mostafa aims to spotlight UAE's film industry with his role as an amiable air traffic controller.

Emirati Actor Makes History as First to Star in International Series Alongside Idris Elba in "Hijack"

Mohammed Faisal Mostafa, an Emirati actor, entrepreneur, yoga teacher, and former professional footballer, is breaking barriers in the UAE’s creative industry. He recently made history by becoming the first Emirati to act in an international hit series alongside Hollywood stars. He is part of the cast of the action thriller “Hijack,” which has become the most-watched show on Apple TV+. The series tells the story of a hijacked plane traveling from Dubai to London, with Hollywood actor Idris Elba in the lead role.

Mohammed plays the role of a likable Emirati air traffic controller in the series, one of the few on the ground who notices that something is amiss. As the show gains momentum and receives rave reviews, the 32-year-old actor hopes that his success will inspire other local actors and creatives to pursue careers in the film industry. He wants to showcase the region’s creative talent and believes that there are numerous talented actors, directors, and screenwriters in the UAE who deserve international recognition.

While the UAE has been a popular destination for big Hollywood productions like “Mission: Impossible,” “Dune,” and “Star Wars,” Mohammed feels that local productions and talents deserve more attention. He believes that UAE-based actors should not only excel in America or Europe but also be involved in the large-scale productions that film in the UAE. He advocates for more acting agencies in the country and increased investment in local films and talent to help the industry flourish.

Passion for film runs in the Mostafa family, with Mohammed’s older brother, Ali, being a renowned director behind the world’s first Emirati feature film, “City of Life.” Mohammed has been appearing in his brother’s films since he was five years old, and he believes that investment in local films and talent will lead to a flourishing industry comparable to Hollywood.

As one of the UAE’s only male Emirati yoga teachers, Mohammed is determined to break stereotypes. He believes that acting should be seen as a serious profession, just like any other, and wants to challenge the perception that it is not a respectable career choice. He aims to promote the idea that men can be interested in mindfulness and emotions, challenging traditional norms.

Alongside his acting career, Mohammed remains focused on his family’s company, Mostafa Bin Abdullatif Investments, and his digital transformation agency, Versatile Synergy. An adventure sports enthusiast and licensed skydiver, he dreams of starring in an action film and performing his own stunts.

Acting has had a profound impact on Mohammed’s personal growth. It has taught him valuable skills in working with people from diverse backgrounds and understanding the psychology of different characters. He is grateful for the support and encouragement he received from Idris Elba and the entire cast and crew during the filming of “Hijack.”

Mohammed is currently in talks with acting agencies in Los Angeles, but he is grounded and takes each opportunity as it comes. His primary goal is to continue acting and make his family and country proud. He is excited about the future and determined to carve a successful career in the international film industry.

In conclusion, Mohammed Faisal Mostafa is a trailblazer in the UAE’s creative industry, making history as the first Emirati actor to star in an international hit series. With his success, he hopes to inspire and empower other local actors and creatives to pursue their dreams on the global stage. His passion for film and commitment to breaking stereotypes are driving forces behind his journey. As he looks forward to the future, he remains determined to make a mark in the film industry and elevate the UAE’s creative talents to the international spotlight.

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