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Germany Advocates Gulf Nations’ Key Role in Advancing Two-State Solution for Israel-Gaza Conflict

The Chancellor emphasizes that nations like the UAE, which have established normalized relations with Israel, should play a significant role.

by The Gulf Talk
Key Role in Advancing Two-State Solution for Israel-Gaza Conflict

In a recent address, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasized the need for Gulf nations, including the UAE, to play a pivotal role in shaping the post-war order in the Middle East. Chancellor Scholz underscored the significance of countries that have normalized relations with Israel, citing the UAE as an example. He urged these nations to collaborate with Europe in the reconstruction efforts for Gaza once the hostilities cease in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

During a speech to German MPs, Chancellor Scholz outlined his vision for the aftermath of the conflict, calling for a two-state solution and expressing the importance of involving nations that have established normalization treaties with Israel. He pledged to raise these considerations at the upcoming EU summit, where leaders will discuss the region’s longer-term future.

While acknowledging the challenges of reaching a consensus, European leaders previously issued a statement supporting “reinvigorated efforts” toward a two-state solution following Hamas’s October 7 attack on Israel. The death toll in Gaza has surpassed 18,400, prompting calls for a comprehensive post-conflict order that ensures the safety of people in Israel and includes regional countries with normalization agreements.

Chancellor Scholz stressed the need to strengthen the political role of the Palestinian Authority in any peace settlement for Gaza, despite acknowledging its shortcomings. He highlighted the potential contribution of reconstruction and economic prospects to stability during the post-conflict phase. The EU is poised to play a role in these efforts, with Chancellor Scholz urging both the EU and Gulf states to assume responsibility for the region’s recovery.

The EU summit agenda includes discussions on the prospects for “lasting peace,” with European Council President Charles Michel emphasizing strong support for Israel’s right to exist and defend itself against Hamas. As the situation unfolds, leaders will explore ways to navigate the complex geopolitical landscape and work towards a sustainable resolution.

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